Galdr is a Black Betal band from United States currently working on their latest album, Ancient Lights from the Stars, to be released on German label Darker Than Black Records and is one of the most fantastic albums from Galdr. Mahesh had a little chat with Draugr to learn more about the album Ancient Lights from the Stars…

Greeting to you Draugr from Forbidden Magazine and congrats on your album Ancient Lights from the Stars!

Thank you, but that album actually won’t be out for a while, the first debut album will be out on D.T.B. soon.

Give us a brief history on Galdr and how it all started off. Well it started off named Thulcandra in 2004 but I later changed the name to Galdr, really it is two different bands since the

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sound and style changed significantly with the name change. Galdr has always been only me and will always be. Is there any particular reason why Galdr is a one man band? Well on top of not working well with others, I like having all creative control over everything. Although I have worked with other bands in the past like “Obscurum” and “Abyssus”. From where do you draw inspiration to make such good music and tell us more on the songwriting process. Do you follow any set pattern to put all the different instruments together while recording? I draw information from nature, when I walk in the woods I think about the music and I often listen to my music when I walk outside, especially at night. As far as technicality, I create songs a number of different ways really, sometimes I’ll just write them while playing guitar, other times I viagra online usa will just think of them when I’m doing other things. There’s really no way to tell I guess. Will Galdr be a single man band in future also or will you have some more members to support you? Are there any plans for some live shows in the future? I believe Galdr will always be a one- man band, I don’t know about a live show. If there was a live show to ever happen it would be pretty far into the future. It would have to be the right time. While listening to the album Ancient lights from the stars, the first thing which struck my tadalafil generico en peru mind was that a couple of the tracks were close to Burzum’s “filosofem”, especially in the drumming style and also the arrangement of the entire track. What is your take on this? Yes, the album has a lot of similarities to Burzum, and also the band “Strid” I think. Although I wasn’t listening to them exclusively during the writing.

I believe maybe the similarities come from the similarities in influence and “theme” of the music, that is natural heritage, nature, and Nordic paganism. On the other head, some people don’t see any similarities between the bands, I don’t think about it too much, I never compare my band to other things. Ancient Lights from the Stars is a fantastic album but there are two instrumental tracks in “ Realm of Niflheim” and “Fenrir’s Sorrow”. Is it to bring in some sort of a relief viagra blonde model between the tracks? Tell us more about it. Well there are actually three instrumental songs in it, the third being an outro titled “Nordstjerne”, but I think maybe the album you received was missing a track. It is not really to bring relief, tadalafil tablets 20 mg dosage but I think for an album to be extremely relevant, It should have some extreme contrasts, it’s the beauty of some black metal bands, they understand how

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to balance that.

The production on the Ancient Lights from the Stars is really good. Did you make a conscious effort to get it to that level?

I owe all production quality to Amon Demogorgoron and Dead Sound Studios, where I recorded the album. I basically told him what I wanted it to sound like and he did it well, the third album will have a colder sound than the previous two. You have signed up with Darker Than Black Records? How did you come in contact with them? Please take us through that. Well in 2008 I recorded a demo version of the self-titled album, and I put that in a “promo-package” type thing and sent it out to a few labels. I then contacted Hendrik to make sure he got the album and we agreed that he would release it and the second album as well. I would not suggest trying the same thing to other bands since DTB does not normally sign bands that way and is not going to do it. What are the other bands you are involved in and how different are they musically? I have been involved in a few other bands, I played drums in Obscurum from about 2006 to 2007, and I played drums in the band Abyssus on their demo “Death”. Obscurum and Abyssus sound vastly different than Galdr, Obscurum is more “dirty” and blatantly aggressive black metal, Abyssus sounds similar to this but with some very good war-like atmosphere and depressing riffs. Do you follow any one-man band in the extreme metal scene to get some perspective on how they go about doing their music? There are a lot of good one-man bands in United States as well as in Europe. Do you any favorite bands from whom you have learnt a trick or two in terms of recording and production? Well no not really, I don’t follow very many bands period. Not new ones anyway. There are a few of course. But still not a lot. I didn’t really get any “help” with how to do things with a one man band. Although the sound engineer, Amon, also has a one-man tadalafil india cost band, Hellgoat, so he was very understanding as far viagra rxlist as the recording process went, therefore it all went by very smoothly.

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idea behind releasing two albums within a short period?

Well I guess it’s just that I have had these songs written and waiting to be recorded for a while so I just went ahead and did it, a third album is being recorded this winter as well, and then I will take time to finish a fourth album, no telling how long that will be. Your last word to the readers of Forbidden Magazine and fans of Galdr everywhere. Thank you for showing such interest in Galdr, sorry for such short answers but I have been very busy lately with all sorts of projects and my mind is very occupied, so I will be looking forward to the long walk I will have in the woods tomorrow night.