Ingraved is a band from Brindisi, Italy, who started out in 2001. Their mission is to “mix modern extreme metal and hardcore elements into engaging atmospheres and to bring an attutide based on commitment, friendship and respect onto the stage.” The band members are as follows: Antas (vocals), Interitus (guitar), Martyrium (guitar), Enoch (bass), and M16 (drums). Their latest album, Onryou, was released on 31-10-2010 through PowerPain Records.

Remarkable is the name of their new album, and also the album’s cover art. Onryou (actually two Japanese signs — but the band translated it) is a mythological spirit from Japanese folklore, who is able to return to the physical world to seek vengeance. Powerless in the physical world, in death one becomes stronger. For the band, Onryou becomes a metaphor for their rise, after years of struggle in the underground metal scene, and through personal troubles. The cover has an almost graffiti-like style and displays an (old?) lady and a sea of tentacles grabbing her. It would have been nicer if they kept the name Onryou to the Japanese signs and had translated and explained them in the booklet.

The music starts heavy. It sounds like technical death mixed with hardcore vocals. Later on, clean vocals kick in. I’m not a fan of clean vocals (in general) but that is not a reason for me to grade the album lower. The guitars sound rythmic and at some points even melodic. The album’s sound quality is a relief, and more young bands should learn from Ingraved’s example: record something with decent production, and then send it out into the world. I’ll bet the reviews will be more positive!

Ingraved’s Onryou is a promising record. If you are into this style of metal, this release surely won’t dissapoint you. If you are not really into this style, Onryou is nevertheless a decent album, and no punishment for the ears.