Monthly Archive:: December 2010

Serpent Noir

Forbidden Magazine’s own Sleepwalker and DaVayne had a little chat with Yiannis and Kk devilpig of Serpent Noir, about their debut release, their forthcoming full length, the Serpent Power’s darker side, and their music in general…Click HERE to read the Forbidden Review of ‘Sanguis XI’… Sanguis XI is the debut release from Serpent Noir, correct? How long [&hellip

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Deathspell Omega – Paracletus

Continuously shrouded in a massive cloak of mystery and rumors, avantgarde black metal troopers Deathspell Omega aligned their powers in Poitiers, France in 1998 and focused much attention on Satanism and metaphysics. The band’s earlier work unleashed a raw approach similar to Transylvanian Hunger era Darkthrone. Since then, the work of Deathspell Omega has become [&hellip

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Ingraved – Onryou

Ingraved is a band from Brindisi, Italy, who started out in 2001. Their mission is to “mix modern extreme metal and hardcore elements into engaging atmospheres and to bring an attutide based on commitment, friendship and respect onto the stage.” The band members are as follows: Antas (vocals), Interitus (guitar), Martyrium (guitar), Enoch (bass), and [&hellip

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