Since how long you guys have been around? What do you have to say and what new messages can Xeper bring?

The Xeper was born at the end of 2006 by myself and but in 2008 we managed to have a stable lineup with which we could record our first demo “Void and Chaos” The Xeper transcend the concept of Seth / Shaytan, the dark side of god’s…The will to becoming a creator.

Considering the scene today it is harder to find dedicated musicans and individuals that are deeply committed to bringing more within this style of music…your opinion?

Honestly, to talk about a scene in Italy, at least in my opinion, is not easy. I personally have had bad experiences working with many bands and musicians who allegedly “played” to make black metal, from which I left extremely disappointed. Many bands are born and die suffocated by their own shit, while others are poisonous ponds, marginalized poor fools who play to emulate the great names of the acclaimed Black Metal. Bah! Fuck off! Fortunately, I found in Xeper the right feeling and true dedication to the cause.

Who is the most prolific writer in the band and why? takes care of the lyrics and composes songs in which we all contribute energy in a Black Metal song should exude.

Italian occult black metal current seems to disappear or did it ever existed? Today, where and in which band  do you think we can still witness that occult esoteric influence?

I believe that the foundation of every individual there must be a willingness to explore the archetype in which the man stands and where he should evolve, this winding road is synonymous with individuality and in which each author / performer is judge their own microcosm. Having said this I believe that very few bands are preparing for that trip and that vile and mere human baseness choose the way of corrupting the purity of the ego to play a black riff copied by other bands and blaspheme Christ just to give breath to the mouth .. . Right now I’m not interested to do “advertising” to any band in particular, but I can say that people deserve to be called in question can be counted on the fingers of one hand.

Apart from writing lyrics, exhibit occult symbols (both on discs,web etc) how a black metal listener (in your point   of view) can disentangle from this huge jungle of bands? is it in the end so necessary get involved in this insane    contest of  showing off to be the most (“satanic” or whatever) and such?

Personally I care little for others unless it does not help include me directly, but to answer your question I can say that most of the time the band logos and symbols are the saddest of subliminal messages in supermarkets, I think that a good 60% of the band is all dark hidden meanings concealed in symbolism and use it as banal stereotype of black metal, as a kind of idealization.Now it is true … the scene is saturated, but if you really believe that the flame burns in the heart, the primordial fire of the true face will not be hard to tell who is serious or not, a simple logo can shine all over ‘ essence of the divine or negativity can be a ‘jumble of signs made by a demented fool, a fucking maggot, a pest to be crushed in the bud.

How did came out to get in contact with Undercover Records from Brazil and how do you think a “label”    today can really support an underground band?

Zulbert of Undercover Records  has proved one of the few people who believe in the underground, have contacted us with an enthusiasm that has displaced, he immediately believed in us, in our potential and we immediately offered to produce our new release “Matrix Divina Satanas “We are proud of this bid, the Undercover Records is in my opinion one of those labels that give unattainable to kick your ass (and only) label producing only commercial shit, because the rot is saturated their veins and they do not believe in the band Xeper how to secure their disgusting meal daily to continue their senseless human existence.

Are you guys more satisfied with the realization of your demo-ep or your latest full length?

Void and Chaos has been our first cd and recorded in homestudio was still a wonderful experience that I would live a thousand times,”Matrix Divina Satanas ” instead was recorded in a professional studio and making use of the vanguard of an outstanding engineer in all material respects, of course, feel the birth of the work day after day it was like a slowly evolve from its infancy to a mature and conscious state. There were two magical experiences as we dedicate ourselves to playing is magical, I can say that the pitch was professional and made us feel more gratified as musicians and certainly has united us even more as a band.

Tell us some impressions of your live shows…

Playing live is a pure adrenaline rush on stage to our music reaches the stars, the same stars that influence us, that govern us ..We carry the divine spark on stage .. The fire! .. we exhibit our face, and only those who have seen know what I’m talking ..

Xeper bring a particular subject and meaning in their lyrics…Do you think these topics can be really penetrate and be apprehended within today’s scene? If not, why?

What exists now is only thanks to those who continued to take account of the past, Xeper bringing the message to transcend the divinity in man and return to being God, is a concept expressed in two words but a phrase that is not just a life to steal … we are not of those bands that waste energy to hate christianity, church, or worse that you make to praise the Nazis as a nostalgic, those are people who either had little knowledge both historical and esoteric about the period of Third Reich, or are merely enhanced and ignorant who believe that National Socialism is the current for which the Black Metal sense to exist.

Any particular mention to any bands/movement/label worth to mention in Italy?

Apart from the stress, my deepest contempt is for those who muddy the scene playing NSBM or other bastard contaminations. I can mention a few bands truly worthy of respect as the  Mistycal Full Moon, Mortuary Drape, Ars Macabra, Aborym just to give an example of consistency; regarding the label I will not do them all fucking interest, indeed I take this occasion to say: look at  Undercover Records with regards to professional commitment and trust that leads to a strong Underground.

Do you have any extra musical influence are you interested in any other form of cultural expression?

I run an esoteric bookstore with my girlfriend, which is for expressing our deep interest in the study of esotericism, so I spend a lot of time to further reading old grimoires and the practice of meditation, especially the seals and adoption of energy in them, this greatly influences my artistic expression. I am very attracted by the dark expression of art, for example, that darkness that oozes from the paintings of Hieronimous Bosch and the occult drawings by Austin Osman Spare. As for the music, I am fascinated by use of percussion tribal / shamanic, the ritual use of drum, the primordial vibration.

Whats your actual line up and what’s up next for Xeper?

The official Xeper’s line up is: The Tanist vocals, guitar, Alekht on bass and me on drums. Currently, we are moving in promotional phase of our new CD “Matrix Divina Satanas” and I can say is that only physical death will stop us from continuing our cause … we are masters of the present and the future will be the only true manifestation of our will.

Thanks for the space that you have given me and for your interest in Xeper
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