Detroit Rock City’s Acid Witch has cursed us with some ghastly horrifying and heavy doom and if yoooooooou happen to be one of those whoooooooo really like your dooooooooom played loooooooow and sloooooooow, well…you’ll just have to look elsewhere.

More upbeat and riff-savvy than your token (tokin’?) doom fare and certainly not to be lumped in the sky-high pile of “just another” Sabbath wanna-be band (if anything due to their growled, death metal-tinged vocals, because that’s all it takes, all you well know), Acid Witch‘s razor-sharp production includes plenty of organ organization and bizarre psychedelic effects and voice samples from documentaries to warrant a trip (pun very much intended) down their beaten path of spells and sinister seances! They may just defy classification and genre hair-splitting (who in the hell sits around and invents all these micro-auxiliary superfluous terms to piggyback the different forms of metal, anyway?) altogether!

So all my sidebars in parentheses aside, I must say that Acid Witch have stirred quite the catchy and bombastic stew in their cast-iron cauldron. The Wicked Witch serves up such diabolical delicacies as the documentary voice-overed “Thundering Hooves” with the only lyrics being the two words that comprise the track’s title being repeated and the cleverly titled “Witchfynder Finder”, which should give Matthew Hopkins adequate enough warning before embarking on his witch hunts. The massive mouthful that is “Metal Movie Marijuana Massacre Meltdown”  might make men meet their maker in the name of metal many minutes before the mighty moonlit midnight madness. Well now that I’m a low-rent comedian who will soon be out of work for life, at least I have the comforting pseudo-hippie psycho Satanic tragic carpet ride of Acid Witch to help me sleep better at night. This is one spell I wholeheartedly embrace having cast upon me! (FA)