It has been quite a while since I have listened to an album on my nice studio monitors for review purposes. I must say that the clarity offered was welcomed on the debut release from GrondhaatHumanity – The Flesh for Satan’s Pigs reeks of rotten flesh drenched in stale piss and promises that your death be neither swift nor painless.

After being immediately greeted by the raspy cough of vocalist/guitarist Asura (Trollech), listeners find themselves gritting their teeth against the piercing blade of the title track. ‘Fucking Slaves’ and ‘The Last Dawn of Human Race’ are terrifying rituals, calling forth dark clouds from distant worlds to suffocate us with blasting, black atmosphere. As with several other albums, Beherit‘s ‘The Gate of Nanna’ appears on Humanity…, offering little more than tribute and unfortunately, mimics the classic in function but not style.

The lamentation that is ‘Incantations of Dark Gates’ brings another storm of somber ambiance without the natural feel that the two album openers contained. ‘All Bullets of War’, disorienting as its song structure may be, finishes off Humanity… on a high note that is mindful of a strong groove and misanthropic attitude.

What really qualifies an album as ‘raw’ is no doubt a topic of debate amongst chin-stroking nit-pickers everywhere. Myself, I wasn’t really convinced that the guitar’s extraneous string and input jack noise before and after the songs were all that ‘accidental’. Otherwise, the recording quality is exceptional: spatial separation, compression and easily discernible instruments…hmm…not very ‘raw’ in my book. What spoke louder to me than these production concerns was the actual performance, the vile and scathing vocals most of all. ‘Raw’ is an attitude that can’t be re-created with Pro Tools nor faked by a dusty tape deck. Whether you have it to offer or not, it shows. Let it be known that Grondhaat lack none of this spirit, whatsoever.

Give the neighbors a reason to dial the emergency prayer hotline…Humanity – The Flesh for Satan’s Pigs is meant for high volumes!