German thrash is the stuff of legend. It evolved into its own unique brand of thrash in the early 80s along with Canadian, Bay Area, Brazilian, and countless others still worshipped to this day. The “Holy Trinity” (or make that “unholy”) are inevitably Kreator/Sodom/Destruction, three bands all too often mentioned in the exact same breath. Three bands who are still chugging along, releasing material that I wouldn’t hesitate to label as mediocre but many still devour. Unfortunately, several other bands of high merit like Living Death, ExumerAssassin, Darkness, Necronomicon and Iron Angel get overlooked and sometimes heinously swept aside in favor of The Big Three. Minotaur, sadly, also fell into the trap with their 1988 debut.

Fast as can be, catchy as all hell, darker than pitch, Minotaur‘s Power of Darkness delivered Teutonic Thrash more than worthy of a mountain of praises! From the token slow and foreboding stringed intro that erupts into “Fierce Fight” and leaves you fistbanging throughout to the laughably-called “Planedhead” (German bands in the 80s butchered English like no others!) and closer “Savage Aggressions”, Power of Darkness is an all-but-forgotten gem that thankfully I Hate Records has given a proper re-release with a dandy treatment of a photo montage and lyrics. Minotaur‘s classic debut is one of those timeless thrash albums that stays with you over the decades and still to this day manages to kick your ass senseless with a single breather!

Metal media be damned, there were MUCH more than only three great German thrash bands and they all know it! Besides, those three have been on some serious borrowed time for far too long now, anyway! Three album rule, kids, three album rule! Plus, if you happen to own that disgraceful No Colours bootleg CD from the 90s, you can toss it in a gutter and get this approved release that’s never looked or sounded better! No matter what, you owe to yourself to proudly own this thrashterpiece of the highest caliber!