A New Aeon Under Satan, from Dutch cult Pestilent Grave, continues the raw and gritty black metal ritual that fans can expect from this solitary sorcerer. Where earlier releases only briefly showcased the potential in Pestilent Grave, A New Aeon Under Satan completes the sacrifice and offers up a strong and inspired performance.

I will say, the title track just didn’t do it for me. I must have listened to this release ten times while packaging trades thinking to myself, “what track is that?” All the others seemed to have at least one part that made me stop and listen to what was going on, which, given the monaural, saturated and utterly nauseous recording quality, was difficult at times. However, swirling amongst the distorted mire of “Reigniting the Ovens of Genocide” are gravely vocals, plodding drums and fuzzy guitars that form a din of desperate and forlorn suffering unlike any I have heard in some time.

Invoking visions of hooded and faceless pallbearers delivering their loss to a thankless god with its mournful stagger, my favorite track should easily be named “The Inevitable Failure of Human Life”. The pitch of this possession modulates slightly, presumably on purpose and adds an unearthly accent to the already haunting track. Before the eight minute opus is complete, the death-hammers erupt into a furious storm of blinding darkness that summons the album closer, “Heed the Call to War”. Only fifty-eight seconds in length, the final spell on A New Aeon… is nothing more than backwards speech that I didn’t bother to decipher and, because of such, doesn’t really seem necessary on such a short release.

Where the completely ‘kvlt’ and ‘raw’ sound of this album isn’t for everyone, it certainly delivers what it promises. Where A New Aeon Under Satan may lack a certain quality you desire, it more than adequately fulfills others. Extremely limited to only 66 copies on Zwaertgevegt Records, A New Aeon Under Satan answers His Call!

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