Whoa…this thing is melodic and vicious! Sacrarium rips your most intricate orifices wide and bashes your consciousness into dust with March to an Inviolable Death…and that’s just the intro and “Heartless Visions”!

“Demolish by Himself” brings to mind, through atmosphere and pure strength of sound, images of the Earth crumbing into its core as the sky turns to shades of blood red and black. This is scathing fury black metal, not black metal influenced, I need to be clear about that as so much stuff gets lumped in to that genre that shouldn’t. This is black, it’s metal, and it’s fucking ferocious!

“In a Circle of Dead Seraphs” comes in fast and unrelenting before exploding into a dark void of pure hell and misery, holocaust, and eternal torment. You can even feel the wind from wings of swarming demons as the end is beginning. I’m halfway through this experience and already in fight or flight mode, witnessing the purging of all mortal life from existence. The atmospheres on March… get as dense and whipping as a melodic tornado of aggression without actually being symphonic…just huge and mortifying in both sound and hatred.

Not quite as nasty and brutal as Black Witchery, but stepping into the scorched territory of last years amazing hate-fueled beast that is Sacrilegious Impalement‘s brilliant Cultus Nex. If you’re going to hate and murder, cleanse yourself of anger through pure vindication and vengeance, then add this one to your playlist. March… is a testament of the true sound of black metal and one more essential release coming out in 2011! Storms like this one prove yet again that this stuff is pure energy and a style that never weakens or yields to anything.