Give us more background infos about Sektarism and who are the individual who create this art and what is their main intention?

Sektarism was given birth by the Apostles of Ignominy in the year 2005 of the Christian era, under His impulse with alcohol in a smoky athmosphere of an old Toulousian cellar. Our intention was to record and share what the Apostles of Ignominy feels when they are guided by the creator, on the path of Ignominy in a impulsive and instinctive way, to make men understand their insignificance, and feel at which point men are pointless and alone in a more and more false and vain world.

Sektarism is more linked to black metal or doesn’t have any dependency from other styles and music genre?

Sektarism, has absolutely nothing to do with Black Metal, the only link that some narrow minded persons can see is an ideological link with certain bands of this kind. But on no account the ideology may be defined by a sound and a musical style. Some persons consider Doom Metal as ideologically christian, this generally accepted idea has to stop where Sektarism begins.

Sektarism can be considered more of a studio project? Or does it has any plan to perform live one day?

Sektarism is not dedicated to stay in this state, at present we work to celebrate the greatness of the Creator through powerful ceremonies where each can feel His presence and cross the door of the kingdom of the Ignominy by our side. Hosanna Sathana!

What are your topics or the attitude? There is any spiritual or satanic mystic slant?

The subjects developed within Sektarism are the same that in any work of the Apostles of Ignominy. The only thing that changes is the point of view and its style in the musical expression. Satan, God of creation and destruction of our world, father of hope and despair, of victory and defeat is always the subject of our releases. We glorify His past, His present and His future and eternal victory.

There is gonna be a further release such as a full length album in the future ?

The next opus of Sektarism is entitled “Hosanna Sathana”, it will be realized by the end of January 2011 by Zanjeer Zani on tape format exclusively limited to 99 copies. A full-length format is also in our mind and should be available in the next months.

Are you part of the Apostles of Ignominy.? If so can you explain us more about their verb and their aim?

Effectively, Sektarism is the slow and dirty vector of the noble ideology of the Apostles. One of main goal of the Apostles is to remind tirelessly that men possess a disproportionate ego leading them to their own loss, that any fight is vain and that men are nothing. The Apostles acquired this consciousness that they are nothing than beings of flesh and bones, that their end is unavoidable. Consequently, we take a malicious delight holding a mirror to Humanity so that men see what they really are : useless parasites created by the Almighty to fill His boredom. Men blind themselves with their megalomania and we enjoy to show them how wrong they are, that the ugly is beautiful and that grime is as useful as refinement.

The graphic art on the Mcd is really beautiful and disturbing how much is important for you to spread message also by visual art ?

Every thing matters, an artwork owes to be carefully elaborate and complete to reach its purpose. Our work does not stop with music so every detail counts to better corrupt souls.

Do any of you collaborate or take active part with other bands?

All the useless beings behind the name Sektarism are active in many projects but it doesn’t matter to list them here. Each will know how to find them if it really counts to him.

Your final words?

Every minute in this world is Suffering because in us rest the truth. May the sound of stigmatas awaken you and lose you forever!