Forbidden Magazine would like to welcome Janet Willis!
From her work with Metal Maniacs and Defecation on the Divine, Janet is no stranger to the Forbidden…she offers her first blood sacrifice with a quartet of reviews from Russian label Solitude Productions!

Helllight – …And then, the Light of Consciousness became Hell (December 20, 2010)

This one, a Brazillian death-doom/funeral-doom act, stood out among others with the way its sound.  A majestic, Bathory-like (Nordland, Blood on Ice,Hammerheart) aura with haunting clean vocals that howl like a banshee on a blood moon night set against a cryptic and cinematic funeral soundtrack. There’s something deeply pagan here as tracks like “Beneath the Light of the Moon” really bring in the feel of both victory and tragedy. I’m a huge funeral doom fanatic but have to say that otherthan Astral Sleep, I’ve never heard a band in that genre or any other exactly like this one to draw comparisons so expect melodic,epic, and devastatingly heavy funeral metal that will appeal to fans of black, death, pagan, epic and doom alike. I’m dead serious about the Bathory comparison!!! A must hear for fans of:  Viking-era BathoryAtlantean KodexAstral Sleep and Evoken

Who Dies in Siberian Slush – Bitterness of the Years that are Lost (November 30, 2010)

This is the first official full-length of Russian funeral doom band Who Dies in Siberian Slush and features a full line-up instead of the one-man show that it has been previously. The best way to describe this album, aside from the accurate album title, is to say that it has a fitting soundtrack to the weird old Swedish movie “The Virgin Spring”; the one where the farmers daughter gets raped and beaten to death by her three brothers, who ultimately meet a fast and violent death. Tragic and suspenseful,  this release is another one  that could easily be a one-note style but instead shows experimentation and variation with labels like this one scouring the Earth to find the unique sounds that it does. The sense of bitterness and struggle is strongly present and can be felt with each epic track.

Shattered Hope – Absence (December 20, 2010)

This is the first full-length of this Greek band featuring guest vocals from the frontmen of Saturnus and Ataraxie creating a colossal atmosphere of dread and isolation. The keyboards play like a piano as opposed to a synth adding this ethereal quality that just broods sadness and desperation as the gutteral vocals bring in the evil and darkness that makes this genre its own. The epic closer, “The Utter Void”, clocking in at 18 minutes is the sole reason to buy this album if it really needed a push… classic epic doom with gutteral vocals and lots of dynamics!!! Coming from someone deeply into Solitude Aeturnus, that last sentence should hold some weight. Definitely another one that needs to be heard, you can even make out the dark and poetic lyrics which makes it even more rewarding.

Septic Mind – The Beginning (November 30, 2010)

Three very epic, mind-bending and atmospheric funeral doom tracks by this Russian band that bring an all encompassing sensory experience to the listener comprise The Beginning. Each track is about 20 minutes in length and comes over you like a full-blown narrative…it really is incredible!!! If this one doesn’t give you chills and thrills then there’s something wrong with you!!!