In the midst of an already vital metal scene in Bangladesh (circa 2003), Weapon guitarist/vocalist, Vetis Monarch envisioned the eventual birth of an even more ambitious contribution. Following the recording of the project’s first demo, Within The Flesh Of The Satanist, in 2004 and the Violated Hejab EP in 2005, he uprooted his efforts and migrated to Canada. It was there that Weapon’s circle of blackened death was complete with the meeting of kindred spirits and the construction of further EP recordings (SPara Bhakti…Salvation) and the birth of the band’s first full-length offering, Drakonian Paradigm, in 2009. Having shared the stage with the likes of Behemoth, Septic Flesh, Lightning Swords of Death and Mitochondrion among others, Weapon have set their blasphemy-fueled sites dead ahead. It appears that they have no intention of granting even an ounce of mercy to the weak and false that are constantly infecting the world of extreme music.

The band‘s latest (and second) full-length, From The Devil‘s Tomb (The Ajna Offensive), has been heralded by many as one of the most notable releases of 2010, and rightfully so. Straying from the more traditional “grim and frostbitten” formula of the black metal genre, the record bears the presence of Hindi string and percussion arrangements that breathe a somewhat unfamiliar sort of breath into a beast facing the threat of being lashed to death with repetitious, redundant clones. You know the type…the guys that think a gimmick alone will save them from the corpse-painted hack scrap heap. While some seem hell-bent on simply rehashing played-out riffs and straight-outta-Norway stylings, the listener should rest assured. Weapon are one of those bands that could care less about the trend and have fortunately added their own murderous ammunition to today’s black metal armada with this one.

Blasting head-on into the blazing fray, “Vested In Surplice And Violet Stole” is a definite highlight found here, soaked in bleeding groove and barbed with a guillotine-edged heaviness that will not forgive the weak of heart. The same can be said for what follows in “Furor Divinus”, a rabid little number that should kill any doubt that the guys in Weapon know exactly what the hell they’re doing. Rest assured that it doesn’t stop there. “Lefthandpathyoga” and “The Inner Wolf” are both fine examples of Weapon’s full potential, leaving the listener no choice but to hunger for more. “Sardonyr” serves up a sizable helping of relentless punishment worthy to reside among the likes of Morbid Angel. Elsewhere, the sinister magnificence of the album’s closer, “Toward The Uncreated” formulates the end piece to a masterfully-executed, beautifully produced effort.

Bathed in a sense of mystery and unapologetic complexity, this is the work of professional evil at its best. While Weapon doesn’t really blow the doors off with unseen innovation with their latest effort, they succeed greatly in delivering a display of exquisite rage that is wholeheartedly welcome where I’m standing. From The Devil’s Tomb damn well deserves all the praise it has received and all who read this should take note!!