Brutalcore / Gore Obsessed – Split (Extreminal Productions)

I get some of the craziest stuff from places as far out as an honest Butt Fuck, Egypt, small labels and bands I’d never otherwise hear or hear of, and as for this release, it’s not always a bad thing. This is a Grindcore/death-grind split between Brutalcore (Turkey) and Gore Obsessed that really brings in the gutteral, bowel-wrenching throttle that makes this stuff so aggressive and adrenalizing to listen to as it’s just as violent and horrific as the images that inspire it.

Upon first listen I was hooked on this 15 minute EP for the sheer love of the Gore Obsessed tracks, total Mortician worship and that’s always fine with me (audio clips of classic old horror/exploitation films and 2 minute bludgeoning noise). These 7 tracks are classic death metal/goregrind butchery and make this EP essential to own. I’d definitely say that tracking down Gore Obsessed is an absolute must if youlike stuff like Mortician, Impetigo, Cannibal Corpse, and just a completely ruthless, blood soaked, low end throttling death metal massacre to your ears. There’s actually a lot of dimension in these short tracks, each one shows something slightly different that really shreds your intestines with each riff’s chord strike. The tracks on their webpage are also just essential raw grind/death metal and almost make me cry from some overwhelming perverted sense of joy. New finds like this for me always add an extra pungent stench to my day that is always welcome among the rot and decay. Seriously, this band is the real deal!!!!!

Brutalcore is a toss up, sadly, too much burp and growl grind vocals done through effects as opposed to the natural old school throat grating style which makes many bands in the grind/death style today sound two-dimensional and frankly, cheap to my ears. The classic and definitive death metal pig squeal guitar shreds and jigsaw riffing makes it sooooo tempting to praise and get into and to have them quenched by bad vocals is just a waste. In all honesty, vocals like this keep me on the fence when it comes to the grind styles these days, and the closest analogy, to be fair here,is to say that these are very much like shit, they inevitably stink and then trying to cover up a really gnarly one with air freshener just makes it smell even worse and obviously a cover up of something bad!!!!! The actual band shreds too and it kills me to dump on them for that one thing, but it is a rather big thing overall as it kills the whole sound. I hope these guys up their game a bit because, again…the band is outstanding, but the poor vocals kill it. I’m not just cranky because I’m starving and tired either, and I don’t need a Snickers damn it, this one just didn’t melt my butter!!!