Ripping down strips of Indiana blacktop with a “no cop-no stop” mentality and the pedal pressed firmly to the floorboard, burning octane and rubber like both were going out of style, fast-lane rock n’ roll devastation erupting full-volume from the stereo speakers and quaking you to your very core as the moonlight and night wind lashes in through the windows, witnessing the whiskey-fueled dive bar throwdown and living to tell the tale, escaping the nine-to-five chains of a boring week in the grind by raising totally relentless hell on a Friday night with your rowdy friends and calling for a toast (double-fisted, no less) to pay tribute to all the glorious things you hold so dear in this otherwise god-forsaken existence…more-or-less living fearlessly on the proverbial edge and not giving a second thought to the hangover that awaits. These are the kinds of things that get your blood pumping like a goddamn locomotive drenched in sweat and alcohol. This is the kind of full-throttle, horn-raising, head-banging, fist-pumping rage that brings a mischievous smile to your face. This is the kind of life-affirming decadent chaos you live for. If only you had a worthy soundtrack to go hand-in-hand with your favorite brand of insanity. Well, look no further, my friends. Four dudes from Indianapolis, Indiana are here to ring your fucking bell well past last call.

Formed in 2007, Bulletwolf unleashed their baptized-in-brews full-length, Double Shots of Rock and Roll (Abyss Records), upon the hungry masses in 2008. Where that metallic, stoner rock extravaganza left off, the band’s latest effort, As Fast As My Hometown, takes off with a tight grip on the reigns and the intention of killing every keg in sight.

Recorded by Bob Fouts (of Apostle of Solitude, Christ Beheaded and ex-Gates of Slumber fame) at Basement Rage Studio, this record just doesn’t stop. Songs like opener “(Way to Young to) Party Serious”, “In Your Face” and “Quest for Fire” all ring true to the band’s trademark ability to kick the crowd’s ass into the floor while stepping it up a notch or fifty in all respects. The album’s halfway point is marked by “6”, a slower, decidedly doom-tinged number that touches on a hammered fondness for sixers, twelves and thirty-bricks alike. Also present is the band’s spot-on take of the Melvins’ “Honey Bucket”. Riffs are piled on thick throughout the record’s entirety, courtesy of the dual-guitar attack of TJ and “Chris”. Low end and percussive thunder are presented with the strength of a stampede dealt out by bassist/vocalist, Worm, and drummer, Don E. Worm’s vocals snarl and growl with no remorse for those that can’t hang with the big dogs, er, wolves.

So, there you have it, rage-a-holics…more than enough reason to pledge allegiance to the ‘wolf. Wallflowers need not apply. This album is for those that treat partying and kicking total ass as art forms. Crack one open, turn this shit up, and pay no mind to the neighbors…you’ve got business to attend to, and Bulletwolf are here to help take care of things proper!