When someone says that a band is young, most of the time the band has already existed for two or three years. This band, Germany’s Diehard, is still in its diapers. According to the band’s biography Diehard was founded at the end of 2010, and already has an album out. That’s what I would call hard work, experimenting with electronic music and styles of metal. Their debut album, released on the 25th of January, is called: When Illusions Gone, and is lyric-wise a concept album about the band’s opinion of questions in life.

“What does the other side of our reality look like? What does global illusion mean? The concept tells about the world system and our own inner possibilities. Reality and creating our own world, it’s true: all we need is a high level of consciousness. When illusions are gone, move your mind into another reality!” – Diehard.

The first thing that strikes me is a reasonably good production of the album. Of course it could be better, (and would make the music more powerful) but still, it’s pretty good already. The intro ‘Dies Irae’ could be the intro of Subway to Sally or In Extremo but after this, the industrial music kicks in, and a few seconds later, guitars. The vocals are clearly edited by a computer, but it fits the music well. This band makes Industrial metal: it sounds melodic, catchy and probably headbanging and dance worthy at liveshows. In the song ‘Cost Nothing’, the band introduce clean vocals: a bad idea, the vocals don’t sound that great.

I am surprised by this band, in a positive way. I hope that the next album will be produced better, so that the music will sound more powerful and that is what Diehard’s music needs: more power and volume.  For now: When Illusions Gone is a good start.