When finding one’s self in the frost-bitten, cruel-as-all-hell grip of frozen torture that the Midwest becomes nearly every year around this time, it seems extremely easy to give in to the death tundra. Succumbing to the Indiana winter blues and/or suicidal depression might appeal to many, but I feel compelled to suggest another route when dealing with the seasonal agony at hand. How simple of a solution it would be to cower in the snowed-in confines of one’s home, suffocating in the clutches of the infamous cabin fever until there‘s no choice but to swing by the neck from the rafters. Let it be known that not only do I view that as the coward’s end so to speak…but it’s also, shall we say while throwing grace out the window, boring-as-fuck. For those completely void of any hope of survival in this glacial hellhole, I propose that you all witness this three-song demo in the comfort of your house-turned-winter-tomb and raise a fist-banging toast to an Indianapolis band that is firmly entrenched in the art of blackened, crust-caked destruction.

When members of Summon the Destroyer, Wasteland D.C., Denogginizer and Lamb’s Breath united in 2009 to manifest as a beast by the name of Kata Sarka, they sealed the fucking deal. The only expectation the listener should have is that their ass is about to be handed to them on a scarred platter of rage and blissfully misanthropic aggression. The weak-willed need not bother. Kata Sarka present more than just what the mainstream metal masses brand as “sikk” or “br00tal”. These guys turn it into a heart-wrenching ritual. If what’s in your skull is worth a damn, what this band unleashes from the speakers will move you. The band’s pummeling three-song demo, Riding A Wind Of Knives, is a brain-splattering journey into harrowing, personal introspection of one’s own life struggles and the unforgiving chaos that can so easily worm its way into this existence.

Skull-searing numbers like the opener, “Bastard”, and “Riding a Wind of Knives into the Eye of a Shitstorm” are overflowing with blackened harshness and crust psychosis. The hammering rhythm section of Satanik Mekanik and FFF and A.V.9’s guitar presence will rip through you like Leatherface. Both are in amazing abundance here, as are raw-throated, emotive vocals courtesy of Y.S. From the first blasting note of “Bastard”, til the demo’s fade…there’s not a second on this thing that doesn’t totally annihilate the soul and leave the listener screaming for more.

I swear to you, faithful reader, with just three songs here, Kata Sarka will still make their point perfectly clear. This is most definitely one of those times that I find one listen is nowhere near enough to get the full effect. Word on the street is that they’re in the process of conjuring up another vicious demo to let loose on us all. Do yourself a favor and ride the fucking wind!!

Demo streaming at: katasarka.bandcamp.com