After four years of absence Second Wind shows a maturity in this Swedish act, who had people buzzing with albums such as Bestvartade Strofer, not only in sound but also in promotion as the man behind it all has changed aliases and sets to expand LIK into new musical and philosophical territory. To me, this new album has a slight Finnish NWOFHM feel that would fit so well on the Ektro label. It’s like something Jussi and Circle/Pharaoh Overlord, Krypt Axeripper would find or develop if they did a black metal inspired band.

The black metal skeletal riffs are still buzzing and metallic, but the heavy Scandinavian (and sometimes English), poetically spoken word vocals and bare percussion give the whole album a unique vibe that’s surreal but not enough to make it truly “experimental”. There’s some psychedelia and classic styled rhythms,but overall the toning down on the distortion to make it more naked and open gives it a fresh, breathing feel to it as opposed to being suffocated by a dense guitar fog…there’s definitely some Burzum felt in the stripped down music behind the vocals here. The LIK from earlier is still very much present in sound, but definitely de-constructed into something different.

I have to say that I will probably listen to this one more than just for the review,but also that you can hear and feel a similarity here to early LIK, Peste Noire (for rawness and simplicity with catchy riffs), Burzum, and a very, very stripped down and starving Darkthrone possibly. Not a lot of meat, but the spine is stiff and strong and the vocals really add the blood to inflate the skin and bones compositions into something living.