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Tell us about your new EP, Centurion! It has a few new tracks, yes?

Centurion features two new PB tracks, the title track and a mean little burner called ‘Lifewaster’.As well as us paying our respects to the mighty CELTIC FROST.We figured the ‘2006-2009’ cd had been out long enough and it was high time we let the world know what we’ve been up too in our toxic wastedump of a rehearsal space.

What prompted you to do the two Celtic Frost covers? They sounded great!

I’d love to give you some fascinating tale but the truth is, last Feb when we were nominated for a Boston Music Award( how fucked is that? us….?) we were offered free studio time with Benny from MOTHERBOAR at a really high end spot.We were glad to go in and lay something down but at the time we only had ‘Centurion’ and ‘Lifewaster’ as far as new songs went.Patac wanted something new to release asap so seeing as we’ve done CF covers live, why not give em a go in the studio and see how they turn out? We’re pretty happy with the results, as are the people who matter-all the bastards who support us.We applaud your excellent taste!  😉

Tell me a little about the concept of the album or, at least, the title track…

‘Centurion’ deals with the idea of ‘absolute power corrupts absolutely’, or in simpler terms-be careful what you wish for, cuz you might just get it. The lyrics follow a Centurion from the initial rush of victory in battle and the seduction of command to his descent into madness and suicide.The last line sums it up fairly well ‘What use is a God when severed heads can’t bow?’

What is the recording process like for PanzerBastard? The albums sound to aggressive to be multi-tracked but to well-produced to be recorded live…

We have a fairly straightforward recording process. Drums and bass recorded live, rythym guitars tracked over those, then Bobby works his lunatic fingers on the leads.Then I panic and try to find things that ryhme about a minute before I have to do my vocals.But in all seriosness, we owe all of the credit to our producer/engineer Eric Braunschweiger, he is the fifth member of PANZERBASTARD. He knows exactly how to get our live sound to tape and we’ll never use anyone else.

Fans also can get their hands on a compilation, 2006-2009, that was recently released. Do you feel that this album really defines PanzerBastard?

Absolutely it does! I really enjoy being able to hear us from our infancy up to now. I don’t feel right using words like ‘progression’ or ‘maturity’ in our case, but you can trace us getting better as a band over the course of the tracks.

On the topic of definitions, PanzerBastard manages to avoid a good one, no? Your sound is varied but lacks nothing, whether it be d-beat destruction, black metal atmosphere or driving, hardcore rock n’ roll. Do the songs simply write themselves at times or do you really get a solid goal in mind before working on a track?

Well, we just think we’re a rock n roll band.Once you start putting tags on yourself you’re fucked. And as far as our songwriting process goes; we really just write songs we like to play.We have a pretty high level of quality control amongst ourselves because this band means too much to us to let mediocre songs exsist just because we need to fill up space or whatever.Fuck that! If you end up having songs you hate to play you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself and your cheating the people who support you.

If PanzerBastard decided to stick with one style, genre, etc., what do you think it would be and why? Would your influences play a big part in that choice?

I think we do have one style-PANZERBASTARD! And as far as obvious influences go…..c’mon! It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see where we came from.We just do what we want and give it our 100% best every time.

PanzerBastard shares members with several other bands in the Boston area…what sets PanzerBastard apart from the other groups and how does songwriting / rehearsals all balance out?

That never seems to be a problem with us. We exist in a very close knit circle of bands and we are all family so we always take care that no one band suffers because of another bands schedule.

Tell us about upcoming shows, tours, releases, etc. Do you have more material in the works for another full length?

We’re getting ready to hit the UK/Ireland/Scotland with HELLBASTARD in April! And we’ve got gigs with DOOMRIDERS,UNEARTHLY TRANCE, EYEHATEGOD, DESTRUCTION & DESTROYER 666 coming up as well. We’re about 3/4 done writng the new album as well.Keep yer fingers crossed.

It is a new year, what does 2011 hold for PanzerBastard?

Hopefully none of us idiots drops dead and we just keep playing rock n roll!

Thanks for your time, last words?

Well, first of all I want to thank you for the interview mate, much appreciated. And I want to send out a massive hail and kill to anyone and everyone who supports us and enjoys what we do, because without you we’d be fuckin’ nowhere-respect! BASTARDS DIE HARD!