I normally don’t review albums that are going on four years old, especially if I am not absolutely crazy about the music.  Having received a promo package from Maldive’s Sacred Legacy, complete with fancy color photos pages and a more-than-enough biography booklet (which includes complete band members birthdays for all you fanboys), I thought I might as well give these guys some press for their postage, for better or worse.

Apocalypse contains familiar elements of practiced thrash madness and shred guitar wizardry that leaves me feeling a little unmotivated; a touch too sterile and polished of a sound for my tastes but whatever. The boys in the band seem to be doing well with the upcoming tour and a DVD release; a well earned reward for all the hours spent running scales and modes up and down the fretboard and pounding rhythm rudiments to a metronome.

Where the overly dramatic keyboards make me nauseas and the drum sound is all-too-triggered, the actual songs are delivered with such a solid presentation that as much as I want to bag on these guys for sending me such a gloating press package, I can’t…almost.  Every page seems to mention how Shyad is the key, single most important member of Sacred Legacy (infinite is his name, wisdom, glory and power), this masterful songwriter earns his rank amongst lesser men whose best offense is to point a finger. Although the uneventful and palm-muted rhythm guitar will do little to elevate the low-brow mentality of metal morons, the intelligent melody of the lead guitar makes me wish I learned what Mixolydian meant a long time ago. I do hope that for the next album, a few more studio hours are spent getting the vocals tracked as well as the other instruments…their hit-or-miss performance throughout places them at the top of my shit list for Apocalypse.

I still don’t really know where the fuck Maldives is but I might just look it up. Sacred Legacy didn’t get to this point in their musical careers by jacking off their MySpace friends. Dedication to their instruments and song crafting skills has paid off for this band just as much as having the balls to send honest physical promos to Editor Elitists in the digital age.