How about a show of hands? And I mean everybody, here. How many of us have anxiously awaited the next ear-blasting, skull-grinding, soul-crushing slab of thrashing sonic death from the bands you so adore…vigilantly marking of the days in your mental calendar, counting down to the moment of fucking truth when you’re finally holding that band’s new material in your sweating hands at long last? How many of us have put said record on for the first time and immediately had our frail human asses utterly stomped into the floor by what we had just unleashed upon ourselves via the speakers. Who amongst the metal-thrashing-mad masses have felt that blissful wave of sonic devastation and felt it bring a smile to your face? Further, after the first awesomely raging listen, how many of us have seen no choice but to push the play button again…not once but maybe even two or three times…simply because what you just heard is so goddamn unimaginably breath-taking in the scope of fury? And, who hasn’t ever expected something new from a band to be just as great as their past efforts…only to find that not only is the new shit great, but it’s a flat-out punishing (and flawless) step (or fifty) up in the band’s sinister evolution?

I ask these all of these questions based entirely on my personal experience and I’m fairly certain that any legitimate fan of the heavier side of music can (or damn well should be able to) relate to the above situations. It’s safe to say that we all have at least one record that has caused such joy. Whether it’s a band like Slayer or a local crew killin’ it nonstop with each song they dish out, I can most definitely give a positive response to every question above with the utmost confidence. That being said, what we have here is another fine example of a time I’ve answered “yes” all the way down the line!

Since their Hell-spawned formation in 2001, Indianapolis, Indiana’s very own warlords of all that is drenched in death and thrash, Demiricous, have consistently ripped the fucking rug out from under the feet of the doubters and the weak. Whether it’s either of the band’s two full-length records (2005’s One-Hellbound or 2007’s Two-Poverty, both through Metal Blade Records) or their explosive, whiskey-soaked live shows…it has seemed clear that there’s no stopping the Demiricous warpath.

The latest offering is no different. Recorded over the winter of 2010 and 2011, the new demo consists of four hell-raising ditties that are true to the sound of the band’s previous efforts while adding new elements never before heard. A triple guitar onslaught and Nate Olp‘s raw-throated howls are all in abundance. “…And It Drives the Heathen” serves as the demo’s battering ram of sorts, smashing all serenity with a similar kind of thrash mentality that can be found on older Demiricous numbers like “Repentagram” or “Knuckle Eye”. Where the band was, as the old saying goes, heavy-as-fuck before, they’ve not just turned up the heat, but the knob’s been broken clean off. The same can be said for “Esoteric Confrontation”, which starts slower but builds into a whiplash-inducing storm in its riffs and pace. “Life Without” carries on that formula, with gang vocals driving, lightning-speed thrash riffs and the relentless drumming of Dustin Boltjes driving the listener ever so closer to a death-by-fucking-metal demise. The most eye-opening moment is perhaps in the demo’s closer, “Deliverance Forever”. In excess of fourteen minutes, it could be called the band’s epic. It possesses a slower-paced approach to the riff department that is new to the fold, along with some beautiful guitar passages to balance out the otherwise merciless fury of the demo. In the end, what it all boils down to is the fact that Demiricous have just shown the world that they can still very well kill us all with ease and they‘ve surely found themselves. Here’s to losing sleep waiting for their next record!