Flame – March into Firelands

Finland’s Flame join the enduring evil axis of metal with this upcoming release on the Hells Headbangers label. Short and obliterating is what Flame is, pure necro black metal with hints of thrash and the depth and tonal destruction of death metal that dismembers the listener upon opening riff and the rest is a half hour of aural slaughter leaving you to bleed out.

Tracks like the deafening opener “Black Realm of Satanas” and “Burning Horror” are seriously bastardized and depraved Sodom/Kreator pit initiators, charred black and smoldering by the eternal flames of a hell even the paranoid religious drones couldn’t dream up. The drums come over you like a firestorm as the riffs and leads shred and whip you around until you’re nothing left. I challenge anyone to listen to Flame and not get energized and violent as listening to this band alone sucks your brain out and vacuums you up into a cyclone of crackling and hissing fire as you transcend into some demonic dimension where only violence and anger exist and everyone is subjected to kill or be killed!!!!!

“Fireland” leaves nothing to the imagination as it ignites an apocalyptic raid as much majestic and evil Bathory sodomized by some Celtic Frost and then vomited up by a still strong and masterful black metal scene that’s as passionate about berating and blaspheming as it is out on a mission to massacre all other mock forms and can never shed enough blood in doing so. From start to finish, or more like from arrest to execution, this release is an insane and hostile ride on only what a true masochist could appreciate being dragged through. As with other HHR recent releases like Black Witchery, this is genuine pissed off and slaughtering metal, to not feel pain from the beating you’re being given is impossible, this stuff KILLS!!!!!! If you don’t feel comfortable getting your ephemeral artery severed and rapidly bleeding out in fits of violent nervous spasms, then go with the shoegaze variety and dwell in a corner somewhere, listening to this is to be sadistically slaughtered by ruthless legions of ancient and genuinely war inducing metal!!!!! My perverted taste lives for this stuff, it’s crushing and pulverizing mayhem all the way and leaves you feeling amplified and bloodthirsty for long periods after listening.

Both a CDand LP will be released, the LP is limited to 200 copies on blood red smeared vinyl with a woven patch and all the trimmings, no regular edition on vinyl so grab it while you can…HHR stuff sells out pretty fucking quick. The CD contains a booklet with the infernal artwork of Juanjo Castellano (Incantation, Anal Vomit,etc.)

Audio tracks are on stream at the following link along with brief description of the release:


Nekrofilth – Worship Destruction mLP

Limited edition upcoming LP keeping the HHR empire still towering over fields of slaughtered masses, blood stains, and flames still flickering as the once living and beautiful now smolder and crackle into the permanent abyss of death, expect nothing short of brutal and classic. Crusty, metallic punk with a blackened thrash undertone, Nekrofilth comes out swinging and blinding drunk with the raw and garage buzz guitar chords that sting like a swarm of a million poisonous and pissed off hornets. Short but more than sufficient, this release combines the drunken adolescent themes, with blasphemy and Christ hatred, all too necessary violence, frustration and pure 100% distilled aggression. Nekroftilth is the perfect marriage of all things raw and socially inappropriate rolled into one, even with bypassing themes of bodily functions and gore in the process. There’s so much to this sound that it’s next to impossible to label it as anything but “Viscious”, there’s even some Autopsy-ish death metal present on tracks like “Anguish” in the slow and bludgeoning hits the rhythms provide. Fuck…..just get off your ass or get down on your ass and order this thing ASAP!!!!! Enough said….

Out March 31st and live streaming on HHR at the link below: