Obscura, a German band formed in 2002, who, after their mainly death metal release Retribution, underwent a big change in their line up, leaving only the original member that remains is Steffen Kummerer. He is now accompanied by Jeroen Paul Thesseling (Pestilence), Christian Muenzner (Necrophagist) and Hannes Grossmann (also Necrophagist). The band’s second release was quite different, the music got more technical with progressive influences. Now on the 29th of March, their third album Omnivium will be released through Relapse Records…be prepared for something promising!

The theme of Omnivium is, according to Relapse, based on Friedrich Schelling’s (a German philosopher) work – “On Nature’s Connection to the Spirit World.” More information on this? I advice a search engine (and read the lyrics of course!)

The style of music hasn’t changed since Cosmogenesis. Obscura still plays technical death metal with progressive elements, impressive guitar work and bass solos, although Obscura’s third album sounds more mature and the band used some vocal effects on this album. Clean vocals are switched with grunts combined other vocal effects, as in ‘Ocean Gateways’.

Septuagint opens with a calm acoustic guitar and melody, of course to be disturbed by a fast, typical Obscura sound only a few seconds later. The acoustic guitar reappears in the song Prismal Dawn for a short while, which is, by the way, one of the many great songs on this album with spheric vocals and great instrumental parts. The same goes for Celestial Spheres, the next song on the album. Velocity is slower than any other song on the album but still a pleasure for the ear. The album closes with a powerful song: Aevum.

Omnivium is an outstanding release, I can recommend it to everyone, though I do think that not everybody can enjoy a technical piece like this. It’s not the most accessible album. Still I’m reserving a place for Omnivium in my top ten (at least!) album list at the end of this year and so should you.