Some nightmares come true. Sometimes they don’t, but they recur over and over. Roto Visage is like those nightmares we have as children that continue to pursue us as we grow older, with little to no hope of escape. Above all, Roto Visage is art, surreal and soul searing, a manifestation of our most horrendous fears. A destruction ritual carrying on for over an hour split into eight parts yet seeming seamless from one curse to the next, Roto Visage are drone, darkwave, electronica, and ambient all at once and never quite any one more than any other. And have no fear, you’ll never have to deal with the ever-annoying nuisance that seems like the word “DROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOONE” simply dragging on and on and grating your nerves for minutes at a time and never seeming like anything but (how some bands have managed to become successful off of such bogus nonsense is beyond my comprehension). Monochromatic dereliction and sadomasochistic deviation are what Roto Visage espouse in their plague-ridden audial despoliation. This is an adventure that unravels a new pernicious experience with each subsequent journey. Recommended listening on headphones, in a pitch-black room, with sandalwood incense burning and under the intoxicating influences of The Green Fairy. (FA)