Available only on vinyl comes one of the best death metal releases this year from one of Mexico’s best and brutal, Zombiefication. For those who like it slow, crushing, heavy enough to have its own gravitational pull, and balls-to-the-wall completely evil and wicked, look no further. The chainsaw riffs and arpeggios buzz like a black metal holocaustic cyclone, while the rhythm is a pure necrotic death metal earthquake, just listen to tracks like “Necrombulatory” and you’ll be crushed into extinction from the heavy weight.

“Sleepless Mutter”, with the bell tower ringing, the slow melodic riffs and more screamed and whispered vocal styles is a complete transformation into black metal territory, but even amongst the fog and smooth pace this track still come out to dismember you at the end. Absolutely brilliant!!!!!!

“Last Resting Place”, “Hitchcock Screaming in Phobia”, “Jacko’s Funeral Pile”, they all come in distinctly and catch your attention somehow. It’s as if every time you get comfortable the next song throws you back into chaos again, it’s this never ending cycle of mania and violence. The overall sinister melodic leads and the right fluctuations between black and death metal, brutal and low end to festering and rotting along and then pure Hell unleashed, there are no two songs alike on here and the whole listen will fatigue you from the rigor.

These guys must literally kill live, the speed and solid aggression alone will cause a stampede, then put a few beers down folks and some will definitely get torn up or die. This band just completely caught me off guard and combines everything to amp me up for good riot, nothing right at this moment makes me want to wage war like this band does!!!!!

Definitely check the label website out, it’s based out of Mexico so at first the prices look scary, but once you change the currency you’re looking at a mere $23 for this freak and honestly it’d be worth the $230 if it wasn’t priced in Pesos first. This is some seriously wicked shit that’ll appeal to fans of Black Witchery, Grave Ritual, Sacrilegious Impalement, Dimentianon, Nominon, Sectioned, etc. Bands like this keep raising the bar for brutal and skilled metal, I challenge most not to get completely adrenalized and high off of the stench of this release.