Available on limited pressing CD of 1000 copies, this Bay Area crust/death metal/grind/cranium grinder of a beast will abolish everything else in your collection whether you’re in the mood for this style or not. Swedish old school D-beat bludgeoning of early Entombed/Uncanny/Toxeamia infused with some crusty early death metal of Deviated Instinct/Terrorizer and then pissed upon by the urine of Hell and finally set aflame to scorch the masses, this one is not to be missed!!!!!!

Southern Lord has always been reliable, but in 2010 with: new U.S. politi-crust horde Masakari, Nails, and The Secret; and now 2011 seeing the re-issue of Winter “Into Darkness/Internal Frost” and a trio of brutal melodic crust/death metal to add to the pile of essential new talent it’ll be damn near impossible to not take notice and quickly!!!! Some of these bands don’t just continue that sound, they somehow redevelop it without changing it’s brutal and down tuned ass-ripping soul, you’ll be bleeding brown all over from this stuff for sure.

Seriously, I’m always on my old school death metal kick and with Dark Descent, Horror Pain Gore Death and Hells Headbangers keeping me active these days, it’s hard to divert my attention elsewhere for too long. Acaphalix is one of those records that you put on and it’s so fucking brutal that it just takes a hatchet to you and from skull to mid torso you are severed in half and splitting like a limp tree stump as your innards spill single file out both the front and back of what was once your core. It even rivals my Autopsy collection in brutality, although not in filth and gore. This album WILL dominate your listening from the first take and hold it for several rotations in a row before you snap back into reality mode. Unbelievable brutality and aggression….A must have all around!!!!!

Release date: 24 May2011


Fans of: Autopsy, Entombed, Asphyx, Uncanny, Toxeamia, Coffins, Nominon, Malignancy, Sectioned

Also highly Recommended: Freakhate, Alcoholichrist (post Freakhate), Marrow, the upcoming Abscess vinyl release, Ex-Dementia, Omission.