After many setbacks, Blood Freak returns with their first album in four years and HOLY FUCK did they out-do themselves! Apparently, “Mindscraper” was too extreme for their previous label so the band upgraded to Willowtip Records and finally unleashed this festival of violent deathgrind insanity! With a new line up, a new label and a slight change of direction, Blood Freak have come back stronger than ever!

In comparison to the rest of their discography, “Mindscraper” is, by far, the most intense offering in Blood Freak’s arsenal! The cartoon-ish vibe and crossover thrash leanings of their last two albums are gone and I think that has worked in their favor. “Mindscraper” is much heavier and has more in common with their ripping 2003 debut, “Sleaze Merchants” as well as Maniac Neil’s former band, the mighty Whore! Rob Fornicator even makes an appearance on the track “Scared Stiff”, one of the highlights of the record.

The musicianship is flawless. Neil’s riffing is down right sadistic while Street Trash’s drumming pulverizes your skull into dust. You can feel the hatred in this album! Both Kevlar and Neil’s vocals are absolutely sick! The songwriting is the best that Blood Freak has ever had. The song structures are very well written and unpredictable so don’t expect mindless and directionless bullshit. These songs actually have substance in contrast to much of today’s death/grind. While it is brutal as all fuck, it isn’t brutality for the sake of brutality. There’s none of that try-hard bullshit that you get with other bands. The aggression is completely genuine.

To sum it all up, “Mindscraper” is the best Blood Freak album to date. All the changes the band has gone through in the past four years have proven to be for the best. For those of you who are new to this band, start here! If you enjoy Whore, Abscess and Terrorizer then you’ll love this!