U.S. metal act, Castle, simply put…SLAYS!!!! Possibly it’s the rough and aggressive female vocals balanced out with an uncertain seductiveness. I’m somewhat thinking of something like Pentagram and Pale Divine fronted by Reino Ermitano vocalist Tanya Duarte, but even that isn’t quite where this bands sound is. Although clearly doom like, this release is obliterating in terms of its bludgeoning thunder alone, the songs rip through you like a jigsaw across the bone…jagged, distinct, and deliberate with each cut, rattling your body as it does so, and it shows a unique classic metal and doom concoction that is not only unique but completely a ten-thousand ton monolith of melodies, riffs, percussion and literary/mystical/occultic themes.

I’ve honestly been trying to move on to some of the other new additions to my collection, but can’t escape from the vortex created by the spiraling hypnotic menace that is “In Witch Order”. There’s pure energy… heavy metal energy, doom weights, and a sexy rawness to each track that is unlike anything else!!!! Set for release in May by Van Records (Germany), this band will scorch most others into stinking black streaks along the parched Earth under their trampling hooves. Alongside Woodenstake this band is a staple of current U.S. metal talent and will hopefully be only previewing their potential to us with this release. The band will also be looking for a domestic label in the future so check into this one if you’re looking to expand your true metal roster!!!!!

Van Records

Check out this live video sample of these Bay Area stompers: