“Yes, Evil is the great savior and sustainer of those who condemn it most.” – Anton LaVey, The Devil’s Notebook

I don’t know about any of you, faithful readers, but I could not possibly agree more with the above statement. For every single ounce of so-called offensive, blasphemous nonconformity that exists within this reality, there is at least one self-righteous asshole that is oh-so-eager to ignorantly bring down their 10-ton Jesus hammer in a disgusting display of bible-thumping arrogance. Hell, sometimes one simply has to die to signal a swarm of finger-pointing, “good guy” fanatics (see “Westborough Baptist”) who gladly talk a ton of shit about how damn sinister the deceased was in life, without even knowing a damn thing about the individual. Yes, no matter if you commit an offense or not, no matter how big or small, you can bet your sin-loving ass that the good guy brigade will always be there…in your face and screaming at full volume about how bad it’s gonna suck for you to burn for all eternity for your screw-up(s). But really, why are they even so furious in their harsh cruelty toward that which they don’t understand? For, if it weren’t for the unapologetic, sacrilegious filth that haunts their nightmares, they wouldn’t have a single thing to complain about. They should be thankful that someone’s willing to give them a defiant middle finger and enjoy the show like the rest of us godless heathens.

In 2008, Spain’s crusty thrashers, Dishammer, released their debut full-length, showing once again that punks truly don’t give a fuck. Vintage Addiction violently fused D-beat and dirty metal mentality in a way that fans of both Motorhead and Hellhammer would find themselves salivating over. Those unlucky bastards that somehow missed out on the record’s initial release should now rejoice in the upswing of their fortune, as the maniacs at Hells Headbangers Records have just reissued the monstrosity. Those already familiar with Dishammer can further celebrate the fact that the record is simply a gloriously raging beast that cannot die.

Simultaneously violent and as solid as a tank, Vintage Addiction is Dishammer’s introductory statement to their very own world of crusty, thrashing, steeple-toppling mischief. Opening number, “Smoke of Death” rips into action with riffs that basically make banging one’s head and destroying everything in sight a requirement. “Exterminate the Parasite”, “Werewolves on Wheels” and “Asmodeus (By My Side)” are all fine examples of Dishammer’s skillfull ability to produce a sound inspired by early Motorhead clearly not for those in the population that are offended by filth, blasphemy or even these four raging Spaniards. “Age of Disgrace”, “Bomb in the Womb” and the gritty title track all help tie up this blissfully rotten package rather nicely. Lemmy and/or the devil himself should be damn proud.

What Vintage Addiction amounts to is a roughly carved journey into blackened, thrashing ferocity. Dishammer’s debut lives up to its title in that it both recalls an earlier era of allegedly offensive rock n’ roll with vivid clarity and a grimy boot in the faces of the easily-offended-by-reality set, as well as supplying those of us that are rabid fans of such a gloriously deadly excursion into degradation with the fix we’ve so desperately needed!