Transformation’ is Sonne Adam’s debut album and is released by Century Media. Not the worst a band could do, and they are a bit suprised by it themselves as they were not on a label hunt, according to their biography. Sonne Adam is a band from Israel. The bandmemers are

Dahan on vocals, bass – Davidov : guitars – Mayer : guitars – Steel : Drums

From the first listening session I knew I was going to like this. Sonne Adam plays slow, old school death metal with certainly some doom influences. Lyrically, they could be any black metal band, seeing the themes of the song are mostly about Lucifer/Satan, whatever you like to call him.

Transformation,’ has a dark and omnious atmosphere and is without a doubt compelling. The vocals are low grunts and have the same dark feeling as the music. They blend in perfectly with the music. The songs fit flawlessly together, although sometimes strange instrumental parts are played, mainly in the guitar riffs, but that gives Sonne Adam uniqueness in a scene where uniqueness is hard to come by.

Solitude in Death’ is the only instrumental song on the album. It’s a short song of two minutes, where the guitar has the upper hand asides from some effects. The song has a odd feeling to itself but fits perfectly into the sphere the album brings you.

After this the album continues pretty much as before: pleasant songs with dark, heavy feeling. ‘Transformation’ will not bore you because of the diversity in the songs. Sonne Adam released one hell(ha-ha) of a debut album and I recommand it to pretty much anyone. Also I’m curious about the future for this band, because they have potential!