Hails Blackthorn! There are so many vile and sickening thing going on with your work I don’t know where to start! How about the split release with Sweden’s KILL, United in Hell’s Fire? Are there still copies available for this wax ritual? Tell us about that dark alliance!

***Be Hailed brethren of Fire, Blackthorn of Thornspawn regiment here spiting these words of venom & truth. The split with KILL had been planned for sometime now after finding out the death of 2 close comrades that crossed the river styx. I had approached Getaz with this idea & presented the entire “concept” from the title to the layout/art. He thought it would be an admirable form to pay tribute to these comrades. The vinyl version of this release is unknown to me since the label did not disclose much information  as far as the “sales” of it. I have noticed that the distribution of this release here in the Americas has not been a solid one. I am guessing that the vinyl is still available but you must contact Burning Churches Records (Germania) in this matter. In 1 weeks time the Cd version shall be released through Morbid Metal Rec. (USA) and I think that many should try and contact this young but honest label and support him for his deadication to this armament.

Are you in regular contact with Goat Destroyer’s family or Raped God 666? It is a very kind thing to help out his family!

***The only person I am in contact with from the family of Saul Goat Destroyer is Claudia his wife. At first I had no clue how to contact her until she found me. She explained that she was not happy about the release due to many in the “Scene” have benefited from her husbands death. I immediately had explained to her that I had no way to reach her but my intentions were honorable since Saul was a good friend to me. After much discussion I had told her that I would send her copies for her to sell of both formats to benefit the daughter that Saul left behind. My interest is only her & the well being of Saul’s family, that is why I did this tribute. I am waiting on tshirts & long sleeves so that I may send her that as well. As for Judas it is unfortunate that I do not know his family or any means of contact, but in that aspect I honor him and spill this blood of the lamb in his honor! A.M.S.G.

Tell us about the recent Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child Fest you held in October! That was the tenth anniversary, yes? How was the turnout? I heard a rumor that it would be the last, is this true? Why or why not?

***That is correct my friend this was the Xth and last gathering of the “Sacrifice of the Nazarene Child-Black Metal Fest”. Since its inception in 1998 gathering such respected & elite hordes from across this putrid planet it was time for it to return to the pits of Hell. I had decided to end this long ago since I had made plans to move to Hellas/Europa. After that debacle I was once again offered  the opportunity to assemble 2 more gatherings so I took it upon myself.

What are some of your favorite moments from the festival’s history? Are there any moments that really stood out or proved to be pivotal for the scene? There are a great number of amazing bands who have participated over the years…

***I think that the 2 most memorable moments for myself was bringing to the masses on this unholy night Judas Iscariots FIRST & ONLY U.S.A. appearance. Along with Proscriptor of Absu on drums back in 1999. As well as bringing ARCHGOAT to their first appearance on U.S. shores for this fest. At this time it was my only interest to bring Archgoat here for one appearance and to return back to Finland. There were no “tours” or extra appearances to witness this genocide you would have to be part of a larger collective. These are some of the bands that I gathered for this fest through the ten years of deadication & admiration towards the Black/Death Underworld: Sadistic Intent, The Chasm, Judas Iscariot, Krieg, Profanatica (1stshow in 13yrs), Gospel of the Horns, Father Befouled, Prosanctus Inferi, Nuklear Desecration, Blood Storm, Thornspawn, Black Witchery, Infernal Oak, Kult ov Azazel, Noctuary, Gnostic, Unchrist, Kathonik, Crimson Moon, Abysmal Nokturne, Cemetery Urn, Absu, Inquisition (1stU.S. show), Demoncy, Obeisance, Adumus, Morbus 666, Imprecation, Bahimiron.

You recently moved to San Antonio and re-opened the crypt of Black Death Coven Records…how has it been so far? Had you been working on getting the doors open again for a while? Tell us about the fucking shop!?!?!

***I had BDC Rec here before and the support was minimal. The Coven is still growing but at the same time selective. Many people mention to me that it is not a wise way to run business, but I must say that I would rather be selective who comes and “purchases” the things that I am so passionate about. It is always an uphill battle in this town since most people tend to get comfortable & quaint with their local “metal shops”. They sometimes would rather pay expensive prices & accept what is shoved in their faces by some idiots that have no clue about what they are selling. Than by someone who is selective, passionate, & who stands by what he is offering at his shop. As my good friend Proscriptor of Absu says: “More fucking cynicism please……..”

You were in Houston before, is the ‘scene’ any different in San Antonio? Do the local maniacs keep you busy in the shop?

***Houston is far superior in the band department I must admit. There are maybe 3 bands that I support in S.A. Soon enough I will be opening the gates of hell wide, let us see when one reaches into the abyss…… that it will answer.

I also wanted to talk about your recent releases…it has been a few years since Thornspawn has released a full length album. Is there new material in the work for a full length?

***I have decided to keep Thornspawn in constant active duty by releasing some splits with formidable bands that I am in league with & hold a great respect towards. But behind the drape of darkness there is the  creation of  “Coronation of the Supreme Beast” that will be released exclusively as our first picture disc with colossal poster through Desastrious Records. There has never been a deadline or any control by labels as to when a release must be done. That is why I have decided to work with many independent labels that understand that these things can not be rushed…….

Of course, you and I are in the process of unleashing an extremely dark split between Thornspawn and Black Angel…tell the maniacs what to expect!

***Thornspawn had re-released their 1997 demo before for S. American metal maniacs. But it was very limited and again focused on conquering those lands. After much thought & conversations with Corpus of Black Angel we both decided to release our 97 demos together. We didn’t want to release it on a label in Europa or S/C America we wanted it to be exclusively through a USA label. The release shall be limited to 100 copies on a Dvd Case that will include 2 buttons, rare pics, & exclusive art by Nate Vaught. It shall be titled: “Impious Jaws of Bestial Rites & Evil Consecrations (Walpurgis Sabbatical)” Beware…!!!!

Recently, Forbidden’s own Kellicos joined Thornspawn as bassist for SOTNC Fest X.  Is the Thornspawn line-up solid? Do you have shows coming up?

***Insulter Kellicos was invoked to assist Thornspawn in the live execution of the Nazarene this past year. Even though we wish he could be part of  this new/solid line up it is impossible for him due to his military duties. Though I am sure that if & when the time comes if we need his help he would storm the war front. The new line up with Moon & Priest (Ex Adumus) has been a great one & I am honored to have them as part of Thornspawn for another 15yrs. There was the Desastrious Festival with Mortem but since has been canceled due to lack of support. Other than that there have been talks of us to return to Mexica & have been invited to play in Europa, we shall see. At the moment the most important thing is the studio duties.

Are you currently working with any other groups? You had in the past, yes?

***Majestyrium was a project that I had created back in 1996. It involved more drone, soundtrack material but it did not receive the “interest” that I wished at those times. So there is a possibility to bring this project back to life…..ROBA-EL-KHALIYEH/PAUL CHAIN as greatest of inspirations.

Your last words, brother Blackthorn?

***Those that wish to get in contact may do so through the official band site www.facebook.com/thornspawn or Infernallegions@hotmail.com Many thanks for the killer interrogation my friend, and for the support to my endeavors………