You know that amazing feeling when you realize you have not only formed an unstoppable, valid-as-all-hell opinion on something, but know you’re 100% right in the basis of such heartfelt belief? It’s that oh-so-glorious moment when you find out that your brain is undoubtedly aligned with the entirety of the goddamned cosmos or some shit…because the devastating revelation at hand makes you feel like none other than motherfucking Nostradamus. It’s the kind of prediction that makes you full-on believe you’re the next in line to receive the world-renowned, official title of Master of the Psychic Bastards Whether You Like It Or Not, Motherfuckers. Behold that instance where the haunting concept of déjà vu couldn’t get much more ridiculous…that very second where you simply cannot resist anything short of bragging to every single person you come into contact with about how flawlessly able you were to see the future of at least a small part of human existence. Well, ladies and gentlemen, boys and ghouls…what we have here is an indisputable, in-your-fucking-face example of a time when I knew I was unquestionably correct in my assumptions.

Flashback to just a few months ago, when, while holed up in a warm apartment, momentarily safe from the merciless, cold death of the traditional Midwest winter shitstorm, yours truly found it necessary to gush incessantly about the skull-crushing abilities of San Francisco’s crusty quintet of merciless death, Vastum. With a demo consisting of just three songs (Corpus) , the band (featuring members of Acephalix, Saros, and Sutek Conspiracy) unleashed a force not at all to be taken lightly. With a vibe best described as an unholy union of Celtic Frost and Entombed, albeit drenched in increasingly ruthless (and undeniably rabid) death sensibilities, the band blew the proverbial doors clean off the rusty hinges with ease.

At this point, I should now let it be clearly known that nothing has changed. These bay area ragers have just dropped their first full-length bomb upon the masses. Carnal Law (20 Buck Spin) is a majestically crust-caked call to arms for the fans of the gritty old school death metal atrocity to assemble bright and early on the front lines, ready to do nothing but kill.

Opening number, “Primal Seduction” bears the very same venomous dual-vocal attack found throughout the demo, only stepped up a notch or fifty. Daniel Butler and guitarist Leila Abdul-Rauf trade off on their demon-infused duties behind the microphone with lethal effect. “Re-Member” picks up the pace a bit with an up-tempo journey into a nightmarish reality. Furious ditties like “Devoid”, “Umbra Interna” or the crushing album closer, “Spirit Abused” follow suit in solid, devastating fashion. Long story short, the six songs found here pick up where the demo left off, and set any doubt ablaze. And at the end of the day, this is crust-infested death, grotesque and most definitely not a place for fans of the glamorized, breakdown-happy, cookie cutter set. With Carnal Law, Vastum have come to set the record fucking straight, and those that may be sleeping on this blissfully brutal monstrosity had better wake the fuck up and recognize!!