Recently the boys at Clawhammer hooked up with Mexican label Chaos Records to help promote the blood from the south and those releases are some serious corpse rippers!!!! My brain was consumed by these fiends instantly and aside from reviewing the putrescent classic death metal creation I also had to give these guys an intie to spark the rabid appetite in others for essential and unrivaled classic death metal. No retakes on Incantation and black/death mixes here, it’s pure pus, guts, and horror desecrating hallowed territory. Nothing is contrived so be ready to be bulldozed by the noise and strength of this two-man killing machine.

JW: First off, Midnight Stench, is a supremely putrid death metal experience and I’m hellbent on getting that LP. You guys are a fairly new band, how did Zombiefication get started and what lit the flame under your ass to do it?

Jacko: First of all thanks for the interview and for supporting the zombiefication graveyard. I am glad that you dug our rotten death metal experience. Zombiefication came to life in rather strange way. I have 2 other bands, Ticket to Hell and Majestic Downfall, and one day, Mr. Hitch added me on the messenger after listening to one of them, Ticket To Hell to be exact. After days of talking I remember him saying, hey let´s do a Death Metal project. By the night we already had a name and a logo and that exact day, the first song started to come to life. Files went back and forth until we had all the music for Midnight Stench. The funny thing is that we met 2 weeks prior to recording the debut. Regarding the flame that lit our asses to do it, the answer is very simple. True passion for Death Metal art.

JW: In your tracks I heard so many different styles of extreme metal (death/grind/black/crust), but at the core it was still very much death metal. You have a sound that is hard to define, do you guys set out to just play and create what you want versus trying to fit into a style or image? The reason I ask is because bands/artists that do their own thing regardless of musical interests tend to have stronger and more distinctive sounds.

Jacko: I am glad you mention this aspect. Zombiefication is heavily rooted in 90´s European Death Metal, but at the same time there are so many influences in us as zombies and musicians that eventually it all can be seen in the final product. We are very open to our way of composing as long as it is filthy, stinky and horrific. One thing is certain, Zombiefication will always be ruled by the power of mighty and catchy riffs. No technical bullshit here.

JW: Aside from Midnight Stench being a vinyl only release, is there any plan on a CD release in the near future?

Jacko: Here you have the data wrong, man. The Midnight Stench CD actually came out in Australia´s Asphyxiate Recordings, but unfortunately they shut their doors down and not many copies of that pressing made it out. Actually the first and only pressing on Asphyxiate is made up of 500 copies. Luckily, and after this labels demise, Osmose Productions got interested in the stench and signed us for the release of the Midnight Stench Digipack which shall be in the streets very soon. We are very excited about this. I would also like to say, that none of this would have happened if Chaos Records had not done such a great job in the LP. Those guys are really pushing the envelope and have the total Zombiefication support.

JW: I’ll be looking forward to that, Chaos Records is really bringing some killer bands from Mexico to light and it’s great. Although brand new, how has the reception to Midnight Stench been so far?

Jacko: It has been better than expected!!!! Zombies are crawling out of their death spaces to check us out and are not being disappointed. Reviews are doing really great and we are more than grateful from the support received by the true legions of Death. The Stench will keep on spreading for sure, and if you run, hide or do whatever the fuck you want, don´t worry, this stench will hunt you down like a brutal chainsaw.

JW: I LOVE it!!!!! Where do you see Zombiefication going in the near future? Will you stay a two-piece or maybe expand the line-up, tours/festivals?

Jacko: Zombiefication will always be a two-piece. Mr. Hitch is in charge of the concept, art and vocals and I, Mr. Jacko, am in charge of all the compositions and overall writing of the music. We actually have a live band and have been playing some shows and the response has been extremely great. But as I said, Zombiefication will always be made of 2 minds, no more, no less. Regarding the future plans, as I mentioned the immediate future is releasing the Digipack edition through Osmose Productions and hopefully spread the disease even more.Also, we have just finished recording Reaper´s Consecration, which is an EP that we will release via Chaos Records. It will consist of 5 new songs and a cover of a mighty Mexican 90´s Death Metal monster. Mixing and master duties will be handled by Tore at Necromorbus studios. We are really excited about this coming release as well as the Osmose stuff.

JW: I’m guessing you are influenced by horror films with track titles like “Hitchcock Screaming in Phobia”, “The Shining”, “Necrombulatory”, “The Early Years” and the band name as well. I’ve been on a huge slasher/horror film binge lately and recently watched The Toolbox Murders, Igor and the Lunatics (crazy murderous sex cult stuff), Color Me Blood Red, and will be breaking out my Argento/Bava/Fulci collection to revisit this week. Death metal is heavily rooted in horror/exploitation films and themes so I’d love to ask what are some of your favorite shockers?

Jacko: Well, this question is more directed to Mr. Hitch than myself especially since he is the man behind the concept. What I can really tell you, is that he is a big Hitchcock and Dario Argento fan. He also likes the works of George A. Romero. Movie-wise he is more of a classic fan, movies like Night of the Living Dead, Psicosis, The Birds and Tenebrae have had a big impact on him.

JW: He’s right on board with me, The Birds, Psycho, Rear Window, Cape Fear, and so many others. I try to keep interviews short so I’ll end it here. Is there anything you’d like to say in closing?

Jacko: We would like to thank you maniacs for the interview and for supporting the true underground. We encourage you to check Zombiefication and it´s Death Metal raised on Aztec bloodshed. You won´t be disappointed. At the same time you can look for us in and in for the latest news. And last but not least, buy the material, the Lps are out on Chaos Records, Digi coming on Osmose Productions and the Asphyxiate cd version of Midnight Stench might still be available somewhere. ONLY DEATH IS REAL