Anal Cunt / The Dockers / Daisycutter / Slam Dunk / Tri-State Killing Spree
April 26, 2011
The Vollrath Tavern
Indianapolis, Indiana

With some bands, we all know it’s damn near impossible to get the chance to see them live. Personally, there are too many bands that I wish I could’ve seen (at least once) but will never get the chance to do so. In most cases, it’s because the band in question splits up, loses their “classic” line-up, or just simply made that disgraceful transition into “suck” status. I never got to see Glenn Danzig-era Misfits or Metallica on the Master of Puppets tour, and both tragedies haunt me to this very day. The infamous Massachusetts outfit bluntly known as Anal Cunt have long been on the list of those I thought I’d never get a chance to witness. I’ve heard just about every kind of review possible on the band’s live show, and had all but given up on any possibility of judging for myself. I mean, they’ve been called everything from the godfathers of grind to the originators of noise-core to just simply revolting. That being said, why the hell wouldn’t I want to check ‘em out in the flesh? The first, and only other chance I’ve ever had to see Seth Putnam and his cronies in action was in the late 90’s at the Emerson Theater (a show which reportedly involved fights, thrown trashcans and the Indianapolis police). Being a new second/third shift employee at a gas station crushed my hopes of making it to the show. So you can imagine my excitement when I heard they were making a return visit to Indy over a decade later.

When the evening’s first performers, Tri-State Killing Spree, took the stage, the crowd at the Vollrath was still a bit small. As more and more people began to arrive, the Ft. Wayne punk brigade pulled out all the stops with their brash, old school-minded brand of mayhem. Raging through speedy, mosh-inspiring numbers like “I Fucked Your Girlfriend”, “Hipsters”, “Good Ol’ Boys” and the heartwarming “I’m in Love with a Crackhead”, the band surely won over some new fans tonight.

Bloomington hardcore troupe, Slam Dunk, was up next, once again displaying their iron-clad ability to hit the crowd with a blast. With a set so quickly paced, it was easy for one to wish the band had a little more time to entertain, but songs like “Nearly a Man“ and “Put a Ring on It“ made up for the short set with their abundance of unbridled, skull-bashing fury.

Meanwhile, the third time was most definitely a charm when Ft. Wayne power violence marauders, Daisycutter, took up the reigns and charged ahead full-fucking-force. Thrashing and chaotic all the while, the band revisited the type of destruction they displayed during their performance at the Eyehategod show last December. Destructive ditties like “Mandatory Extinction” helped them drive their point home with ease.

When Indy’s very own fez-crowned masters of mischievous punk insanity, The Dockers, took their places, the crowd was damn near capacity. With Aztec Kotex behind the mic, the quintet unleashed what has been long-known in Indy as “fez-core” upon the crowd. The band blazed through several crowd-pleasers. “Lingering in the Psychedelic World”, “Pussy Hat” and the band‘s ode to toxic kool-aid, “I Wanna Join a Cult” were all fine reminders (as if any are needed) as to why these comic-fueled lunatics are so admired in the Circle City. If you live in Indy, and you haven’t witnessed The Dockers, you are surely slacking in your duties!

In the beginning, Anal Cunt quickly achieved a reputation as one of the most spontaneously violent and quite possibly misunderstood bands in the underground. While the cyclone of chaos in the band’s live presence has perhaps waned a bit over the years, it should be said that such a statement is not a bad thing. With a lengthy surprise introduction in the form of a looped, distorted voicemail message (dating back about two decades) from Radiation Sickness vocalist, Doug Palmer (who is most definitely from Indianapolis, ha!), Seth Putnam and his partners-in-no-holds-barred-vulgarity-and-extreme-excess took to the stage. Rampaging through their trademark, super-short, filth-caked grind set (featuring “Eric Clapton Sucks“, “Fuck Yeah“, “Harvey Korman is Gay“ and tons more), A.C. revealed to the Indianapolis crowd the reason behind their reputation. Yes, tonight…whether you love them or absolutely despise their existence, Anal Cunt once have once again showed us all why many have went so far as to call them an originating institution in the underground scene!

photos by: Kris Arnold