It’s getting pretty routine by now. A damn good routine. Ever since exploding on the scene with a demo and 7 inch, Black Witchery became known as yet another band that pays maybe a little too much homage to the mishmashed black/death/grind sound made popular by Blasphemy and mastered only by so few, including these guys. Their 2000 “Hellstorm of Evil Vengenace” split with Conqueror is the stuff of legend, perhaps one of the absolute greatest split albums of all time.

The sound never lets up and the artillery barrage drumming coupled with the buzzsaw guitars and barked vocals enable the perfect cocktail of only the sickest, most unrelenting black metal mania you can fathom. There’s never a moment’s dullness, never a lull in the¬†internecine. After several label changes for one reason or another, this is an act that has yet to disappoint and delivers hellish devastation on such a grand scale it will make that earth shake at its very foundations! Trust, if savage and barbaric “bestial death metal” (as this sounds seems to have been branded) in the vein of Bestial Warlust and Vociferian tickle your fancy, this will tickle it until you can no longer breathe, I guarantee it!
Also included in this Weapon of Mass Destruction is a near-half hour DVD of a live show in Helsinki from 2009 with fairly stellar production values compared to most other pack-in DVDs I have seen. Multiple camera angles of both band and crowd and flawless audio make for a complete package that would be well worth paying a premium price for if such were the case. Oh, and the entire diatribe of a massive booklet is chock-full of wicked and vile art courtesy of one “Sickness 666” that would make any black metal fiend who can enjoy staring at such atrocities all day long. All things considered, Black Witchery score another triumphant release and one sure to be talked about for many aeons to come! (FA)