Interview by Eset Hellfrost

It was just a few months ago I ran into this band on the net for the very first time. Not many manage to get the WOW-factor on me, but Invisus knew how to enchant me with his one-man project Blodhemn from the very first second. What is promissed is what you get, an aggressive sound full violence and hatred. Time to find out a bit more about the man and his music.

F.M.: Can you tell the fans what Blodhemn means and why did you choose for this name?

Blodhemn means bloodvengeance, or vengeance in blood, in Norwegian. I choose the name simply because it’s a name charged with violence and aggression, wich would reflect Bloshemn’s sound and lyrical themes.

F.M.: Who are your examples? What or who got you hooked up in Black Metal?

Borknagar, Satyricon and Emperor where bands that introduced me to black metal, but the bands that really dragged me in were Mayhem, Ragnarok, Burzum, Vinterland and (early) Dimmu Borgir.

F.M.: Many young Black Metal fans use words such as misanthropic. Making me only wonder if they truly know what it is. Can you tell us what it means to you? And do you see yourself as truly misanthropic?

To me misanthropic means to be filled with hatred towards humanity. I choose to not call my self a misanthrope, satanist, nihilist or whatever, even though my Ideologies might strike much resemblance. Labeling and/or categorizing my views would not provide me as much freedom and individualism.

F.M.: What is your opinion about the overall Black Metal scene of these days?

Today very few BM-bands manage to make music even worth it listening to. My opinion is that most of the bands are in for the wrong reasons, Like for example what seems to me to be a “I want to be a rockstar”-motivation shines through many of the bands. Bands like that floods the scene making about 90% of the so called “black metal” bands out there extremely pathetic.

F.M.: You say it’s time to crawl out of the shadows but how far are you willing to crawl out? Can you see yourself as a new big name in the Norwegian Black Metal scene?

Personally, I would prefer Blodhemn to be a “big” underground black metal band. I will continue making albums in this same style and where ever that brings Blodhemn. Only time will tell.

F.M.: You started in 2004, but your demo ‘Logical Madness’ was released 3 years later? What took you so long?

I needed time to gather experience and to mature concerning recording/producing, vocals, lyrics etc. I recorded some drafts for some songs during this period, but they were mainly for personal use.

F.M.: You described Blodhemn as violent Norwegian Black Metal. Both the title of your mini album Brenn alle Bruer and the sound seem to confirm this. What exactly is the message you want to bring us?

I want to provide and encourage hate, violence and evil.

F.M.: The album was released in July 2010. This is almost a year ago already. Any new material in the planning?

I’m writing material for a full length-album these days. I will enter the studio in December if everything goes according to my plan. Hopefully the album will be released sometime between early and mid 2012.

F.M.: The album is self financed. Was this a a conscious choice or are you on the look out for a label? Are there any plans in the near future to collaborate with a label or distro?

I’m interested in both label and distro offers. The offers I received so far haven’t been interesting, so if I don’t receive any reasonable offers I will self-release this album too.

F.M.: Some say your music is Black Metal, but has some Trashy influences. Since you consider yourself as old school Black Metal What do you think of this equation?

There is without doubt some trash influences on Brenn alle Bruer and there will be trash influences on the next album. To me the Blodhemn-sound involves trashy-riffs and I think that it is a great method of adding diversity without losing aggression.

F.M.: Why did you choose to be a one man’s project with further only live members?

Simply because this grants me absolute freedom. I can do exactly what I want without consulting anyone.

F.M.: Are you planning to tour? Or what are your future plans?

We have no specific plans of touring at this point. My plan is to keep working on the new album and playing live as much as possible. We were booked to support Gorgoroth along with Arvas, but the gig was sadly canceled by the Promoter. New gigs will surface soon..

F.M.: Any last words to the readers?

Get a CD-copy of Brenn alle Bruer:

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F.M: I surely recommend any serious underground BM’er to get a copy! Thank you for your time and looking forward to the new material!



* Live pictures taken by Vigdis Meidell©!