Beer Corpse – Keg Nuts  7” (Give Praise 2011)
One of these awesome stormtrooper minute long anthems opens up with a belch and a priest saying “A thousand Saint Mary’s”, so far from me to bitch…but who the hell steals my line!!!? (the belch that is, if it were a fart it’d be full on war and I always win that one). Expect the crusty/sludgey Grindcore that pulls all punches, including the abominable sucker punch and gonads splatter kicks without the effects and overindulgence in crappy barf vocals. You get two sides clocking in at 11.4 minutes of gutter sludge filth that only the true crusty filth fiend can truly appreciate. The vocals are genuine and sound like a drunken corpse, and the riffs are crisp and very classic death metal/grind with a melodic side at times, but never technical. If you love stuff like Mortician than this one is a no brainer, mainly because being a fan already of that band you had your brains ingested long ago!!!!! Please, angels of perversion, debauchery and angst …Keep this stuff coming!!!!!!! There’s gold in them thar hills!!!!!!

Definitely check out Shitty Fucker, Bait, Marrow, Gore Obsessed, Alcoholichrist, Machetazo, Groinchurn, and Freakhate!!!

Backslider/Nimbus Terrifix –Split 7” (Give Praise 2011)
Two sides, each about 5-6 minutes long, one from each band full of doom/sludge/hardcore crossover cadaver-raping blunt force trauma!!!!

Backslider is my first listen and shifts from classic 90’s southern fried swamp sludge to some hardcore crossover and then back to sludge. It’s like nothing I’ve heard, but in fact it’s a lot like stuff that I’ve heard and that’s the beauty behind the stench and rumble of this band!!! Sludge heads and heavy lovers prepare to be slammed and have your brains spill out of your nostrils from the impact. Nimbus Terrifix is more metallic punk malice that’ll appeal to Metalheads/stoners/and punks alike. The two sides consist of 5-6 tracks compiled into one long track on the promo, but honestly they all flow as if they are one and it works for me. There’s some cool stuff out there and this proves it yet again. Play loud, drunk, and happy!!!!

Soil of Ignorance/Wadge – Split 7” (Give Praise 2011)
Grindcore/blastbeat, angry low end death metal/zombie vocals fused with some crust, expect this band to be something Southern Lord would be picking up sometime in the future. It’s in the vain of Nails and Acephalix, some Deviated Instinct and Doom, and so much more!!!! In every way this one bludgeons the listener into a squishy wad of organic matter that can be properly classified as flesh colored slime (think Ghostbusters) with bits of veins and organs in it for color and texture variation. These guys cut through 6 violent tracks in 4.5 minutes!!!!!! Survival is futile…Soil of Ignorance kills!!!! Wadge deliver 4 tracks in about the same amount of time as SOI, and they are just as brutal, but both bands, although being in the same genre/style, are completely unique and you get a nice diverse blow to the skull with this split, one crushes the skull into fragments and the other melts the brain matter. 7” collectors like myself will absolutely have to get these in our grubby little mits!!!!!

Drainland – …And So Our Troubles Began (Southern Lord 2011)
One of three upcoming May releases in limited quantities this label again proves to be a powerhouse in the global underground in terms of quality and the monstrosity of heaviness in the acts they select. Hailing from Dublin,Ireland, Drainland is a pure crust/sludge face ripper and where to start on this one is complicated so let me just save time and say that if you enjoy the styles mentioned you’ll not want to miss this one!!!! As with many of these bands there’s something unique to each one and all are on the intensity of a ride in the electric chair!!! Here the rhythms are angular and unsettling, but it enhances the urgency of the mood and message these lads want to portray, so expect this one to make you stop in your life for a few minutes to ponder the awesomeness.

Alpinist – Lictlaerm/Minus Mensch (Southern Lord 2011)
Here’s the third of three flesh shredder/bone gnawing audio assaults from the grind/sludge/crust (at this point any and all of the above) brought to you by this German anti-fascist/anti-racism/anti-hate band. Aside from the intensity and energy in the sounds of these styles, I’ve always been drawn to the honesty and purpose of what they scream and do. This album is like being struck by lightning so those who do 4-5 mile circuit training and weights will beat their personal records and shower the neighboring gym patrons with BO and fluids while listening to this one. For those that don’t do that stuff, you might have to while listening to this stuff!!!!