Give us a history of your band…you are from California, yes? Are Fiends at Feast membersinvolved in other projects?

In 2008, Fiends at Feast was first formed in the lair of our guitarist Sammer in Santa Cruz, CA.He shortly met up with our second guitarist, David, to form to core of what would be Fiends.Soon our bassist Nathan joined the ranks along with our vocalist Loki. After 2 drummers (Gina & Impalor) were burned through I, Marloc, answered the call to form the present incarnation ofthe the band. We all come from diverse musical backgrounds and experiences. Sammer is originally from Jordan and has more of a thrash aspect to his playing. David moved here fromWisconsin and amazes me with his intricate leads and solos. Nathan is a classically trainedupright bassist. Loki and myself came from more of a black metal background prior to joining Fiends. This fusion has helped us define and channel our unique blasphemous cacophony on”Shadows Of Extinction”.

‘Shadows of Extinction’ is your recent release, tell us about the 5 song ritual…was it self-released? Are you talking with any labels?

This EP marks our first official release. We wrote 4 new songs and re-recorded the title track”Shadows of Extinction”. We tracked and mastered the album in the Santa Cruz mountains at Moonrocks Productions and continued to fund everything ourselves from beginning to end.  The entire process from inception to the release took just shy of a year and made it that much more incredible when we packed our release show. The town we live in is often stagnant and know primarily for rap and reggae. But has spawned bands like Decrepit Birth and Brain Drill. So it’s proven hard to push outside of here. But what attention we do attract seems to all be positive.And labels are a bitch to get ahold of.

The CD has a good production in terms of audio quality and graphic layout, as does the tshirt (thanks!)…it seems that Fiends at Feast is doing well independent of any immediatelabel support, is that correct? What is the band work ethic?

Everyone in the band puts in an equal share when it comes to grinding it all out. We allcontribute to booking shows, getting merch, writing new material and pushing our music. Howelse would the drummer get an interview? Haha. No one is designated or in charge of one thing. We’re all in the same band and working for the same goals.

Where the title track of ‘Shadows of Extinction’ comes on strong and never lets up, ‘Scarsof My Soul’ builds slowly with a great deal of melodic layering that eventually erupts into all out warfare before cascading back into a whirling oblivion.  Tell us how the songs are written, as a group, individually, etc.?

Most of the ideas are written outside of practice by either of our guitarists. And when they feelconfident and have a good idea of where they want the song to go, they bring it to the table andthat’s where the diversity in our music comes into effect. We all have input and write parts to fitwhat’s been proposed. Or say play an alternative riff and see if that works. A riff or section of a
song can sound fucking bad ass by itself. But in context of the entire song it may not work. Someideas come out exactly the way they were intended while others get manipulated until theyresemble nothing of the original idea. But we all know what good music is and know what wewant our sound to be.  Although arguments can arise during the creative process.

To be honest, I wasn’t immediately enthralled by the tracks until I really sat down and gave them a critical listen. The musicianship is extremely tight and the songs contain plenty of diversity from one another to keep me listening. From what I can tell, onstage, Fiends at Fiends can’t be fucked with.  Tell me about your live sacrifice! Do you have some upcoming dates?

We always try to put on our best show no matter what. If we’re tired, hung over, down a man. It doesn’t matter. As long as there’s one person having a good time, we enjoy ourselves. Two maniacs in a crowd of cardboard cutouts can make it a good show for us. I also believe that pushing your limits live is what its all about. I go to shows to see bands go all out and take it to the edge of insanity and pull it back at the last minute with a smile. Not just going through the motions and staying in a comfort zone. Metal is one of the only genres that let’s you do that and get away with it. We have a few shows coming up that I’m really excited about. We book most of our shows which gives us the chance to play with bands that we like and think will fit. Our nextshow is pretty much an all star lineup of bands we’ve played with including thrash/death metalers Blasphemous Creation who are coming all the way from Reno and Chronaexus who hail fromSacramento and play old skool black metal as well as Bael Kultus, our singers other Black metal project. Very excited to be sharing the stage with all these bands.

Another word on the musicianship, the guitar solos are quite fitting and are devoid of flamboyant bullshit not necessary for the music. There is also a great deal of bass guitar work that is often missing from extreme metal, especially on the track ‘Revelations of Chaos’.  Give me some details on these particular instruments in your work…

Nathan is definitely an amazing bass player and brings a lot to the table during the writing process. Very glad to be holding down the rhythm section with that artillery.  Our guitarists work hard on putting showmanship aside for keeping the songs heavy, brutal and dark. Loki can justchannel the essence of evil like no one else during recording and live. And I fluctuate betweenextremeness and “less is more” when I feel it’s appropriate. All of this really shapes what our sound is.

Lyrically, Fiends at Feast blasphemies the Christ and gives praise to Lord Satan…how do you separate your lyrical assaults from the countless masses of similarly aligned black death disciples?

Loki writes all the lyrics and uses his beliefs and views of the world as influence in his subject matter. He’s always taken interest in the darker side of life and reflects it in his song writing. Aside from satanic elements, the lyrical content also encompasses themes of rejection, hatred and isolation from fellow man. We aren’t looking to reinvent the wheel but try to stay away from saying what’s already been said countless times. His performance speaks for itself both in hislyrics and his delivery of them. We couldn’t ask for a better front man.

What is next for Fiends at Feast? A full length? A tour? Upcoming splits?

We are currently gearing up to hit the studio to record a full length. We have about 7 new songsfinished and nailing down a few more. A west coast tour is in the works. If any bands areinterested in touring or doing a split, get in touch with us. 2011 is gonna be a busy year for Fiends.

Your last words?

Thank you to Forbidden Magazine and all believers of true metal. Stay dark, obscure andunderground.(horns)

Marloc of the Western Wood