Let your journey down the rabbit hole begin, this is the kind of music that borderlines metal and something else. It’s so atmospheric that you forget its metal at times. The good thing about Exist (Debemur Morti/Season of Mist Records) is that it doesn’t let you forget for long. Just when you’re beginning to become lost in ambience and emotion the double bass hits and your mind is thrown back into the mortal realm. This is Infestus as you’ve never seen before. From the beginning you can feel that this was one man’s personal project, it feels very personal and refined. Each element is placed and used exquisitely.

The vocals are traditional black metal screeches, similar to newer Marduk records in that they are medium high screeches. No incredibly high pitched banshee Dani Filth-esque wails, just solid screeches with some clean vocal pieces as well. The clean parts fit in quite well and don’t throw you off. You can hear and feel real anguish in Andras’s voice. Seeing as this was his entire project and his first time filling in the vocals they are absolutely chilling and spot on.

Rarely do you get an album that projects you into another dimension of total and utter darkness, with sounds that creep up your spine and infect your being. There are deafening moments of fright, images of vast frozen forests and the cold, still night enter your mind and as “Akoasma” begins, you’re pulled back into the dark disturbing abyss, raw evil guitars with a hint of that signature black metal distortion. Treading around riffs that only Bathory or maybe Mercyful Fate could reproduce. There are also great sounding horns and piano accents throughout the record that ensure complete emersion into the dark realm. My personal favorite of this record is “Down Spiral Depersonification”; this song embodies the band and the entire album. It’s atmospheric, hard hitting and a bit melodic as well. It completely embodies the bands message of anti-social and anti-life ideals. The only real way to describe it is as my own personal soundtrack to Armageddon; it’s that brilliant and well-rounded.

The only bad thing I can say about this record is, it’s atmospheric, so no incredible solos, nothing remotely technical about the guitars  and it does get a but repetitive at times. The songs are meant to conjure up images of death and darkness, not barrage you with technicalities so as you can understand the progression is slow. This masterpiece puts a lot of other bands to shame and honestly it’s about time.  Only maybe the new Burzum album reaches the plain this one does. With this year’s series of let downs and subpar records, Infestus decimates all in its genre at this moment, sending wave after wave of hatred that corrodes your soul. This is a triumphant album that twists and turns downward into oblivion, right where you want to be.