A389 Recordings – one nuclear blast to the eardrums that can’t be missed!!!!!!

Recently yet another slam dunk of hardcore/metal/crust/doom/sludge hybrids being given the CD treatment from Southern Lord have also gotten the vinyl treatment from this indie/DIY label that is seriously an awesome find for anyone hooked on the heavy, but light on the disposable income. All vinyl range from $13.99-$19.99 typically, from this labels releases, and the shipping is cheap, plus many appear to come with a digital download card as well!!!!!

Anyway, I had to buy the Xibalba beast on vinyl and wound up blowing cash on other crusty/metal/hardcore ear bleeders that’ll make my cats, coworkers and neighbors duck for cover AGAIN!!!!

Preorders for July 2011:

Gravehill – Practitioners of Fell Sorcery 12”

6-tracks from the early line-up featuring Mike Apokalypse (Gehenna/Devil/Sangraal) on vocals and Shane BastardDemon (Devil/Penetration Panthers) on drums.

Witch-Lord – Atomizer in the Black Solarian

This one is my absolute must have!!!! Described as “Nightmarish almost psychedelic doom…” , limited to 250 copies on lime haze vinyl, and conceived and birthed by DC Grave (Gehenna).

Penetration Panthers – Perpetual 80’s 7” EP

DC Grave and Shane BastardDemon bring forth a taste of early 80’s punk ala Black Flag, with this 3-track taster to prep us for their upcoming full length.

Gehenna – Land of Sodom II/Upon the Gravehill deluxe 7” and CD

Re-issue of the rare Land of Sodom 7”, with some improvements, and a bonus CD.

Other A389 highlights:

Pulling Teeth: Baltimore based 90’s sludge/hardcore/Death Metal bastard children seek revenge through audio aggression and riffs so heavy that it’ll make Buzzoven fans involuntarily shit themselves from the intensity. Check out the audio samples for “Paranoid Delusions” at the link below and try not to take away shredding leads and melodies bringing you back to early 90’s death metal layered over classic Sabbath doom riffs and southern fried sludge vocal deliveries that’ll have you reaching for the XXX moonshine jug and wearing overalls and bashing someones head in. “Blood Wolves” is a full on hardcore, melodic and amphetamine overdosed machine that’ll have you seeing pink elephants on parade before the song inadvertently flips a U turn at warp speed into a slower stoner/sludge instrumental. This band really brings in a range of heavies and dynamics that can only be compared to having your head shoved down an American standard industrial strength toilet and given the old “swirly” that’ll suck the scalp right off your head. Aggressive and obliterating just isn’t going to cut it when describing this bands sound, there’s too much depth here. Just think sludge/hardcore with some metal overtones and you’ll be well prepared!!!!


Rot in Hell: UK act that brings the early, glorious, and crude beginnings of death metal, into collision with crust (and fast paced sludge even) and a massive long dive into a very shallow pool of hardcore. If you’re going to have your head caved in from low-end pressure and inhumane decibel levels, then this is the band to do it.

I just picked up their “Hallways of the Always” 12”, and will also have to pick up their “As Pearls Before Swine” beer colored 12” in the near future as well. You really cannot justify missing out on any of this stuff!!!!


Frightener: yet another UK export stinking of early death metal beginnings and bringing a melodic metallic hardcore edge to a touch of stoner aesthetic. It’s definitely metal, but what the hell it is EXACTLY is neither obvious or important…it’s the fact that it is annihilating to the senses and could easily stun a grizzly bear that’s just been enraged from having it’s genitals hooked up to a 12V battery, into temporary docile confusion.

I just picked up the “Guillotine” 12” and could not pass up the chance to let you all know about some of these amazing bands!!!!!


Oak: Baltimore based death doom band that takes the heart palpitating pulse and slow motion blunt force trauma familiar to fans of Burning Witch, throws in some vokiller work sort of like Coffins being listened to through a haze brought on by almost toxic levels of THC and Vicotin flavored with periodic screeching Burning Witch outbursts. Although incredibly slow, like drowning in quicksand as a time warp occurs simultaneously and seconds are drawn out to days, this is not drone doom for the headphones and intoxicated. The riffs are classic doom metal, slow and brooding, reverberating like an earthquake under the floor boards, and there’s enough variation in the tracks to keep even the most ADHD affected listener like myself hypnotized and sedated. This is essential for fans or Burning With, early Electric Wizard, Cough, early Ramesses, and just about anything ultra heavy, crawling, bludgeoning, and hypnotic through pure brutality.


Definitely check out this labels growing selection of releases and talent:


Other essentials: Integrity, Caulfield, Seraphim, Ringworm and a nice growing distro.