Now THIS is one of those albums that you pick up, put on and instantly have your brain violently consumed!!!!!! The sound is an intoxicating brew of doom, classic 90’s sludge, old school death metal, crust and even black metal. I can actually hear and feel Acid Bath in the track “I Hope You’re There”, with it’s fucked up lyrics, moody melodies, and clean-mixed-with-rough throat work. In all seriousness, every damned track is an anthem of it’s own, catchy and rhythmic with memorable melodies, yet the tone is so incredibly morbid. The lyrics are extremely soulful and poetic, yet never losing their aggression and impact.

In terms of sound, I guess think the energy of High on Fire with the lyrics of Eyehategod/Autopsy/Acid Bath, and a hardcore/sludge/death metal down-tuned sewage sound, throw in some classic doom/sludge bluesy riffs and some buzzsaw classic black metal riffing, then urinate some punk-as-fuck attitude on top of the load and you’ll be close enough.

“Tex” opens up with sick and disturbing melodic doom/sludge track that’ll make Church of Misery and Cavity fans electrified. The back and forth between melodic clean vocals and raspy filthy ones adds this sense of emotion and intricacy, seriously, to the track. This thing is as complex in content as it is in ass kicking and shredding ability so consider yourselves warned and officially invited to bite the hook.

“Blood on Marble” continues with the sludge/doom, the funereal cascading riffs of bastardized blues coming at you through a storm of red haze and eternal suffering, as you crawl out of your body and slither for cover. Again, this is not your ordinary metal band, and not a fun joke either. I’m a HUGE Acid Bath/Crowbar fan and have to say that aspect of the fucked up and debilitating frustration of being human thrives in us all and this band can easily stand among those mentioned for context alone, but the unique and genuine sound definitely makes them a powerhouse of their own making.

“The Pyramid Screams” comes in with a melodic and black metal like intro, that rains blood and death down among us all and then the lyrics hit and all Hell truly breaks loose. The lyrics really run deep and the truth of the world around us is laid out before us yet again:

The Slaves work line by line, the lowly still grind

So praise the Sun and build it to the top

The Math his fathers gave him, grainy but true

From every rung the future’s hung

The Grandest gesture suits him, the truthful one

From God he comes

Bow to the Sun

Aside from the fact that everything about this release from it’s broad influences to the twisted lyrics of someone very frustrated and understandably so, is completely addicting. Bands like Hollenlarm completely gut the majority of the fish in the oversaturated music pond, and even those worthless bystanders that say, “They don’t make ‘em like that anymore”, can puke themselves to death as they choke on that image and their own words. Hollenlarm, is Hellish noise in literal translation both linguistically and in the message they send forth, but also proof that heavy bands can still have soul, even if it’s charred black.

This is essential for metal and heavy tune heads across the spectrum, so if the likes of: High on Fire, Acid Bath, Darkthrone, Eyehategod, Kylesa, Centuions Ghost, Abscess, Neurosis, and just about everything really; suits your tastes, you’ll be getting this one quickly. It’s only $10 too and available for pre-order!!!!!! The official release date if June 14th, but preorders ship early.