OOOOOH Yeah!!!!! Now I’m back in my metal realm again as I sift through my pile of “to review” that’s been building into a Tower of Babel of it’s own. ‘Call Upon the Wicked’ is the 8th offering from this true heavy metal massive featuring Jack Frost (founder and axe wielder), the James Rivera (Helstar, Daggers Edge, and more I’m blanking on),Mike LePond (Symphony X) and drummer Taz Marazz, and is considered by the band to be there best offering yet, and I’m in humble agreement. It’s no secret that I wet myself over releases like this one, perhaps it’s the electrifying high voltage coming out of the speakers that does it, but possibly it’s just shock and over excitement from classic metal melodies, speed, intensity, shredding and skull splitting riffs, the amazing vocals, the lyrics (?)… If this is multiple choice I’ll fill in the “all of the above” bubble, and if it’s not available I’ll CREATE one myself!!!!!!

Expect every track to be a bit of Judas Priest, Helstar, Jag Panzer, Slaughter Xstroyes, Accept, Dio, new acts like Skull Fist, Stryker, etc. Each track is essential, addictive, memorable, and solid!!!! You’ll be screaming along with the chorus and phrases and pounding your fist into the walls and tables the whole time!!! When was the last time someone could actually say that about an entire album?! The “End of Days” even brings in classic female clean metal vocals and a Sabbath style riff here and there to give an epic power/doom feel, reminding me of Nomad Son a bit, and the three closing songs are live tracks that really capture the essence of this bands energy. I really have to catch one of Rivera’s live actions, they must be stroke inducing intense because this shit has me crawling up the walls until my fingers bleed and my nails disintegrate from the jolt and it’s only a FUCKING recording!!!!

Seven Witches is a major force in keeping this style and the roots alive and kicking, and in creating true headbanging metal, as this is pure heavy metal thunder the 80’s way: anthemic, hellraising, and adrenalizing; so if this is your thing than get on board June 28th and crank loud until you ears bleed and you break your damn necks with me!!!!!

Hear for yourself:

(Frostbyte/eOne Entertainment 2011)