New Jersey based five-piece Abacinate have released their second full length Death Metal album – Genesis. It is great to listen to a technical Death metal band after such a long time with superb quality; although I do not have any precedent of hearing them. I normally compare progressive albums to the previous releases to gauge on their progress, but with Abacinate it was a first-time listen; and they did not disappoint me. The riffs in Genesis are strong and the grooves are ever growing, track to track. Abacinate sometimes resembles Pyrexia and Rotting Christ to a certain extent in a few tracks, being especially true in the rhythm section, as also in certain groovy guitar licks. Abacinate have plenty of diverse ideas, which makes Genesis a stand-out album. It is original and solid. The vocal style is more of a thick growl, with an occasion screech reminiscent of Deeds of Flesh or Vital Remains. There are a few spoken words in some of the tracks, which is well-executed and adds a lot of intensity to the music. I generally give less attention to the lyrics part of

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this kind of genre as more often than not, it is about death and stuff like that. But I did not go that far to find out on the lyrics of Genesis. Todd and Dan have done a good arrangement on their guitar parts. There are a lot of melodic moments and some amazing riffs through out the album. There is not a single point where it gets repetitive. But Abacinate are one of those who never stick to one tempo for long. There are some instances in a few tracks of Genesis that slant towards heavier hardcore patterns, but it is kept pretty short and sweet. The solos in “Laughing In The Dark Pt. I” are excellent and it comes from nowhere. Tracks such as “The Natural Disaster,” “A Harmless Walk” and “Necroplunger” are extremely fast and razor sharp. There are also quite a bit of no-frills death grooves thrown in whenever their fingers and wrists need a break. As a band, Abacinate remind me of Jungle Rot for their groovy style, and Vital Remains when it comes to guitar solos and vocal styling. The drumming is particularly fond of small fills of snare and crash cymbal, and numerous parts of the songs are atonal and devoid of melody and catchiness, with the vocals switching randomly between low growls, high

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screams, pig squeals and seemingly every point in between these techniques. Abacinate is a creative band, which is amply highlighted in their song structure. As far as production goes, Genesis is solid and doesn’t sound stiff or overly polished, but a tweaking of the drums to give a thicker tone wouldn’t have hurt. But I think they

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have the potential to do more with their music, and push their creative limits even further as they have a lot of talent. I am sure a lot of fans will not be disappointed with this. Genesis is a must in anyone’s collection. Abacinate on Facebook

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