Ugly, unmelodic melodies, screeching almost industrial distorted guitar tones, percussion that explodes as the combination with the guitars sounds like bombing raid sirens and artillery fire, but heard through some barbiturate induced state. That may turn many away, but it’s actually a compliment!!!! That ugly, awkward guitar tone that spread rapidly after Deathspell Omega’s well known trilogy of “Si monumentum…” through “Fas…”, the one that sounds “out-of-tune”, combined with an almost power electronics hum and whirr of what sounds like symphonic audio clips from standard old horror films or a Latin Mass and a massive spiraling calamity spews forth war and devastation like none too many can.

All six tracks titled “I” through “VI”, unfold like a cinematic hurricane of aural chaos that’ll scare the Hell out of children and many adults, peel paint of the walls, and render the listener into a fit of the spins that’ll either result in the desire to kill and devote oneself to the darkside or horrendous vomiting from the force of the vortex. There’s dark ambient/Neo-classical elements to magnify the insanity and creepy haunting effect of the sounds, but never anything symphonic or remotely “melodic” in the traditional sense. The buzzing here is of a chainsaw heard through a morbid hallucination, this is definitely a mind fuck of a listen, but still manages to be actual black metal. Although ugly, and irritating to snobs and the ignorant, this album is a very unique and creative approach that will definitely appeal to the black metal horde that like the more militant and hate/violence fueled stuff. It’s convincingly sinister and reeking of diabolical tendencies and ideals, in other words, it’s exactly what it should be!!!