Never heard first studio full length from this preeminent Finnish black metal act featuring their condemned birthing, and it’s as reptilian, menacing, vile, and crushing as would be expected. The production is genuinely and appropriately crude, keeping the bands sound and atmosphere preserved for over 20 years, never masking or refining the vulgar beginnings of the glorious Beherit. The recording was actually recorded with a two-piece Beherit: Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance and Sodomatic Slaughter, and recently mastered (2010) from the master tape out of the private collection of Sodomatic Slaughter himself for our perverse listening enjoyment.

Overall the album feels and plays out like a long lost demo, there’s elements of sludge/grind/death/crust and everything one would expect including the distinct Nuclear Holocausto Vengeance “vokill” style that on here literally sounds like a rabid pack of pissed off wolves. The guitar sound goes from an industrial machine shop distorted buzzing, to some solo and melodic work underneath the chaos, and the riffs are heavy and struck like dropping a steel beam on you from 100ft up. There’s definitely a sludgy death metal tone at times, having it’s eyes being scratched out by the speed and muscle of thrash/crust blistering, so expect a unique listen, a piece of metal history, and brutality.

In summary, this is the real deal!!!! I always love old demos and rare one take recordings, they capture the right vibe and that energy stays within them and electrifies those who venture forth into that domain from that moment on. It’s ugly and crude, but that’s what it’s meant to be and that’s the horrid, splendid beauty of the beast. If you like the truly raw, “unholy” virginized form of one of black metals finest and not a modern deliberate attempt to pull off the “cult” sound cheaply, then get this one for sure.

Available officially August 02, 2011 on CD,LP, and Cassette. But it looks as though they might be ready as early as July, so check the site continually for updates. Other links and info below: