Dark Descent Records

Clearly one of the top U.S. labels, and metal labels overall, when you want true extreme metal you can’t go wrong with Dark Descent. These guys really go out of their way to release only the best, whether it be new or old, and they have an exceptional cassette catalog keeping them true to the old school ways. Primarily known to myself for their gut–ripping death metal releases, I have to say that underneath the surface these guys REALLY do strive for the best so check them out whether you’re looking at the current releases, as I have been, or the not so advertised cassette and 7” collection they’re putting forth. I will have to reinvest in a tape deck again soon, too much good stuff to pass up on.


Current and Upcoming releases:

Death Strike – Fuckin’ Death

Essential U.S death metal!!!! This release, aside form being actually really mind-blowing, it’s also a piece of metal history as this is one of the earliest and most impressive Demos (circa 1984-1985) for U.S. Death Metal, AND features Paul Speckman (Master). For all fans of Master and classic death metal MUST have this one!!!! It’s a non-negotiable, implied necessity for the true death metal head, you can hear and feel the beginnings of the political and bestial Master in these tracks, it’s amazing!!!!! The CD version is available for pre-order from Dark Descent now and the vinyl will be released in the near future, also on Dark Descent Records.

Cryptborn – Into the Grasp of the Starving Dead EP

28 minutes of Finnish death metal obliteration that can only be described as the sounds of the angry dead calling out from beneath a frost covered swamp of sewage and prehistoric scum. A sample of this beast can be heard at the following links:



Expect an August release on CD format, and Cassette through Detest Records.

Undead Creep – The Ever-Burning Torch

Italian based Undead Creep release their debut paying homage to the Swedish death metal scene that influenced them to create this modern release that sinks like the heavy monsterous corpse it is into the lowly dimension of 90’s death metal. If I hadn’t known better I’d swear this was yet another Dark Descent release from the Swedish vaults, it’s another must have for die – hard fans of that style and death metal in general.

The band features members of Haemophagus, Morbo, and Guida and this release will also include the bonus 2009 Demo that received much acclaim. Available now, so grab ‘em while you can!!!

Corpsessed – The Dagger and the Chalice

Death metal that is truly rotten!!!!! All the evil and murderous darkness you could ever desire is contained within these 6 tracks. The album as a whole only goes for about 23-24 minutes, but it’s so intense that you’d be fatigued even after 5 minutes.

If you like death metal in the more Immolation/Incantation style you’ll be split in half by this one for sure. This is EVIL and bone crushing noise and hands down one of my favorite recent finds!!!!!!

Miasmal – S/T

AHHHHHH, yet another melodic and brutal death metal release come our way via Dark Descent Records as of late. Don’t’ expect purely down-tuned grit and gore here, this band unleashes the flames of Hell and all it’s glory and violence through 14 potent death metal anthems that’ll break your neck halfway through the album. Expect the amount of energy and excitement from this thing as you would from the electric chair. It’s still low end and ugly as it should be, but Miasmal really brings in the violence and belligerence necessary to rev you up and nuke your being in a fraction of a second, imagine a nuclear typhoon followed by tsunamis where the sea is actually glowing fluorescent and boiling!!!!!! The leads and solos are PERFECT, they really add that extra dimension to the atmosphere already dense with the humidity of blood and fire, there’s just no way Miasmal won’t set your skin a flame!!!! Ready for order and to ship, prepare to be shanghaied and forever enslaved to this one.

Gorephilia – Ascend to Chaos

Continuing in the vein of early 90’s pure death metal (Immolation, Incantation, Morbid Angel) expect to be castrated and then boiled alive in 6 tracks of down-tuned, slobbering rottenness!!!! This release comes in at about 30 minutes, but with the weight of the tracks, it’d be too heavy to endure anything past that length, provided survival is even possible. From the opening “intro” to the “Tower of Bones”, the body count racks up quickly, so unless you’re looking to fall into a ditch of blood, feces, urine, disease, and ongoing violently sadistic mutilation, you’d better look elsewhere. Then again if you’re reading this, you’re looking for exactly that, so stumble down and join the slaughter!!!!

Father Befouled/Demonic Rage split 7”

A toxic combination of one of the U.S. best kept weapons, Father Befouled, and Chilean storm of Demonic Rage, expect nothing but the most explicit and loud atrocities against God and mankind since Profanatica and the Royal Arch Blaspheme. Father Befouled is like Incantations Onwards to Golgotha, stained with the villainous hatred of all things sacred, charred black, filtered through rotten diseased corpses that are turning into oils and tar, murky and echoing from some ancient murder den miles below the surface of the Earth, and you’re listening to it all while suffocating in a plastic trash bag.

Demonic Rage is “Demonic Rage”, ugly vomitous and spitting hatred!!!! I’ll need to look further into this band for sure, They keep it ugly, raw, and heavy, just the way it should be.

Sinistrous Diabolous – Opus One (Cassette)

Death Doom solo act from New Zealand that redefines the genre, even though it’s actually recorded back in ‘93. It’s almost like post industrial/dark ambient soundscapes that scream Cold Meat Industry with classic death/doom vocals. Seriously scary stuff and essential if this is also your thing.