Ever wonder what the official house band of the much-advertised “end times” would have to bring to the proverbial table? You know, it’d have to be something sonically equivalent to the whole “gnashing of teeth/burning of flesh” bit we’ve all heard about so many times throughout our lives, spouted from the slobbering mouths of just as many street corner preachers. It better damn well be something that really grabs us by the throat in a deathgrip, dragging us headlong into the heart of such darkness. Surely, no expense should be spared by the chosen ones when it comes to supplying the right kind of ditties for mankind’s grand finale. It most definitely needs to take the horrific situation portrayed in Black Sabbath’s “Electric Funeral” and multiply it by at least a billion. The very sound bleeding from the speakers should almost be just as punishing as the very sensation of having one’s soul mercilessly scorched from their mortal shell. What that feels like, I can only imagine, the point being that the musical accompaniment to the last, dark days of human existence should be one hell of a blistering, bludgeoning, killing-spree shitstorm. So listen now, faithful reader! If ever you should find yourself in a frantic search for such a blissfully bleak soundtrack, look no further than the new debut full-length release from ravenous New Jersey death squad, Disma.

Since their unholy inception in 2005, Disma have unleashed a handful of demos and EP’s, gradually building on their sound until it has become the beast known as Towards The Megalith (Profound Lore). Featuring current and former members of Funebrarum, Methadrone and Incantation, the band has apparently mastered the lethal art of conjuring eight immense excursions into unadulterated madness. True to the form of their genre’s classics, Disma’s debut effort contains the kind of juggernaut devastation we’ve all loved for so long.

With a blast beat-reinforced death metal spine, Towards The Megalith bares teeth of plodding doom riffs (guitars tuned to G, goddamn it!) and at times, a somewhat crust-oriented mentality. This is done in a seamless fashion. With a subterranean-as-fuck vibe, the entire record wields a sense of eerily feral aggression. Ex-Incantation growl machine, Craig Pollard, unloads a guttural vocal assault that would put any self-respecting hell-spawn in their place and quite possibly surpasses anything he unleashed in his Incantation days. The record shifts from faster-paced face-rippers like opener, “Chaos Apparition”, “Lost In The Burial Fog” and the title track to the slower-than-coagulated-blood doom crawl of “Chasm Of Oceanus”, “Spectral Domination” or “Vault Of Membros”. Icing the cake is the fact that the overall quality of the production and/or recording is one-hundred percent compatible with Disma’s brand of nightmare.

It should also be said that if anyone’s trying to pass this band off as just another run-of-the-mill, throw-away death metal posse, that would be a gravely ignorant assumption. Essentially flawless, this record is proof positive that they could eat many of their peers for breakfast and use their splintered bones for toothpicks, grinning all the while. Disma is truly a well-oiled killing machine, seasoned soldiers well-versed in the art of fusing the old with the new…with more than enough power to prove themselves on the extreme music killing field. Creeping and blasting its way through a world overflowing with false-metal weaklings. If this record is any indication of what lies ahead, we’re all in for it. All in all, if Towards The Megalith (a definite contender for death metal album of the year) doesn’t floor your ass and leave you wanting more, you must already be dead!