With barely enough time to recover from this Spanish acts Anthems to Decrepitude, released in May on Moribund, the next assault is already set to explode in July. I found Anthems… to be something worthy for the black metal realm in the traditional sense of black metal, in that it was haunting, violent, evil, primitive, but melodic and hypnotic without gimmick. I have to say that Inferno ups the bands place in my mind yet again, the ancient/cryptic/medieval occult atmosphere that makes black metal so powerful in its simplest forms, can still convey violence, benevolence and evil without waning to trends or image. This release shows a HUGE change in production and composition, the sound is richer and the rawness in tone is abandoned for clearer and deeper ones that really give the album as whole, a sense of omnipresence. You actually feel like you’re in some ruin of a temple and witnessing a ritual take place, the production and dynamics turn this release into an experience beyond simply listening, so play loud and let it take you somewhere else.

The album plays out in 5 parts, each a chapter in the Inferno: “The Awakening”, “To Yield Below the Frozen Sky”, “Shadowshield”, “Ars Goetia”, and “Conqueror of this Wooden Abyss”. The actual sound is hard to nail, it fits into the black metal genre well but draws no exact comparison to any one band, but I would say that fans of the old school who enjoy that ancient cavern feel without selling out violence for atmosphere will find something in this one compared to the usual “usual” or the avantgarde. There’s something very pagan, ritualistic, and anti Christian in the sound that feels real as opposed to contrived but is hard to describe in exact words. Hrizg is not simply another black metal band, there’s something more provocative and interesting to this one that makes one somewhat curious to see where Hrizg goes.