First off, let’s just get one thing straight; this is NOT that joke of a band consisting of a bunch of “multicultural” overglorified neo-hippies gathered together and making every single nerve they happen to twitch into some sort of laughable socio-political “message” that has been assailing the airwaves left-and-right lately (not that I bother letting anybody else, much less senseless media conglomerates, pick what music I should listen to anyway, and I would encourage all of mankind to do the same). No, this here is bellicose and devastating death metal from England obsessed with ANYTHING BUT peace and love! So sad that their name will forever be associated with the aforementioned charlatan circus, but still, I have my doubts that it will even phase them much at all!

Now signed to the venerable Agonia Records, Spearhead returns with their third warmongering diatribe bringing forth massive devastation and intrepid misanthropy. Each track is deftly played with unreleting
convinction and will certainly appeal to those with an admiration for the mighty Angel Corpse and early Morbid Angel. Lyrics range from the esoteric to an adoration for the old cultures of Europe and a fondness for dictatorial regimes. Tracks with titles like “Herald the Lightning” and “Prey to the Conqueror” are teeming with highly intelligent lyrics as if they were written by the bastard sons of Nietzsche and Machiavelli themselves. Theomachia is also both bookended and cut right down the middle with instrumental tracks, making for a very unique, almost conceptual feel to the album. Truly, this is a highly well-constructed piece of brutal blackened death to be reckoned with!

I have been a staunch listenener of Spearhead since their debut Deathless Steel Command, and give them extra credibility for their effort in the lyrics department to accompany their indomitable sound. Rare is it nowadays that a death metal album can capture the true, primordial essence of the art, and Spearhead have mastered their craft like many a distinguished general has on the stage of battle throughout the ages. (FA)