I’m hoping to continue to dig deeper into the trenches to seek out and celebrate the labels and acts that keep it old and ugly just the way we like it. Here I look at The Crypt, a vinyl only label based out of the U.S. and releasing collectors edition vinyl from of some of the rarest and most sought after, to first ever vinyl editions of albums like a few mentioned below, and they strive to keep the original artwork and layout for re-issues. If ever a label was dedicated to doing vinyl right, The Crypt is one of a few strong contenders for the title.

Currently they have some awesome shit up for sale that can’t be missed, alongside some essentials in the works, so watch your head in the next few months as some of these will be sure to detonate like a hail storm of meteors, but also see what is still available now as it will soon disappear like the Toxaemia Buried to Rise 2xLP.

Available for pre-order:

I) N.M.E – (U.S) Unholy Death/Machine of War + Bonus tracks Official 3LP

Fuck OOP mark ups, labels like this one re-issue this ripper in true style and perfection us metal heads demand!!! Collections are for using, not hoarding!!!

Includes the original 1986 recording, 1995 Moribund CD mix with the Machine of War demo, rehearsal tracks, and unpublished artwork, lyrics, band photos. Black, Death, extreme metal fiends will NEED this one even if they have the other components mentioned in their collection.


II) Morgue (US) – Eroded Thoughts + Demos Official 2LP

Official release of their ’93 slaughterfest Eroded Thoughts including the two Demos Random Decay and Severe Psychopathology, brings yet another deranged yet technical death metal work to the foreground. Whether your old or new to this band, you’ll be an ass not to check into this one.

Fans of Cianide, Pestilence, Gorguts take note!!!!


III) Depravity (Fin) – MCMXCI-MCMXCIII

2xLP discography of brutal and melodic Finnish death metal that’ll tremble your spine from the creepy atmospheres they create as they drive their riff and percussion dominated sound into your skull like a red-hot screwdriver!!!

Although the original artwork for the Silence of the Centuries has been lost over the last 20 or so years, the original artist (Turkka Rantanen) has been commissioned to recreate it, hand painted yet again in the original style.


IV) Funeral (Nor) vinyl releases

Currently in the works, this funeral doom band, long considered to be one of the genres founding acts, will be releasing a vinyl edition of:

1) The never released To Mourn is A Virtue (1997) and The Passion Play (1999) Demos as a 2xLP set, and the Beyond All Sunsets (1994) Demo (considered their best work period) as a 2xLP set.

2) Tristesse – long considered the birth of “Funeral Doom” and originally on Wild Rags (1994)

3) Tragedies – 2xLP set

V) Cianide (US) – The Dying Truth + Demos Official 2LP

Alongside the upcoming Gods of Death release from HHR, the debut from these Chicago death metal legends with the added Funeral and Second Life Demos, will be yet another glorious gift for the death metal fan. Never before available on vinyl, and also the cd version OOP and being sold for substantial markups, none of which ever benefits the band!!!!

In the last week it has been announced that the second Cianide release, A Descent into Hell will also be seeing it’s vinyl debut plus the Cianide… Kills Demo as an added bonus.



VI) Anthropomorphia (NL) – Necormantic Love Songs (1993)

Dutch masterpiece of crematory death metal heat, and also including the essential Bowel Mutilation demo, will be sure to incinerate us all with this 2xLP of fully remastered works for high quality sound, and pressed to 500 hand numbered copies.

200 classic black and 300 pink/dark red marbles “chunks of flesh” colored vinyl, and poster featuring the original 90’s shirt design.


VII) Nuclear Death(US) – Bride of Insect+Demos and Carrion Worm+Demos

Both will be on 2xLP, this classic early US death metal act from the mid-to-late 80’s featuring a female vocalist, Lori Bravo, brings back to life the old school brutality of Autopsy, Repulsion, Impetigo…


Expect more info in the near future.

VIII) The Crypt will also be launching a small side label “Cult Demo Series”, focusing on unsigned bands who never made it past the Demo stage and are somewhat “long lost” treasures of extreme metal. Those into the obscure, real underground, and classic sounds will definitely want in on this series.

First Demo release:

Emrbyo (Swe) and Stigmata (Swe) split LP

Side A is Embryo with their Damnatory Cacophany (1991)

Side B is Stigmata with Deceived Minds (1992)

Embryo consisted of members from: Crypt of Kerberos, Xenofanes, Vinterland, Harmony, Blood Mortilized, and Maze of Torment. Stigmata consisted of members from: Egypt, Blood Mortilized, and Dark Funeral.

Check out the label site: http://www.darksymphonies.com/

If you’re serious about metal, you’ll definitely appreciate this label and what they’ve done and are doing.