Filth, rage, and relentless, christ-crushing blasphemy. Unforgiving, agonized darkness, fleet-footed, metallic aggression, blackened harshness, and a punk-as-fuck middle finger all raised high and blissfully turned up to eleven…drenched in the gritty nihilistic shadows of the true underground. If your interests lie anywhere near where mine reside, these are the kinds of things that will get the blood pumping through the ol’ arteries and set the mind ablaze with a goddamn quickness. I mean, sure, anyone can say that their band is the deadliest thing since the nuclear bomb, but not everyone can speak that kind of shit in a justifiable fashion. And these days, it seems like a lot of people have absolutely no qualms whatsoever about being copycats and taking the easy road when it comes to the final product. Take a second to ask yourself just how many bands you’ve heard that are essentially photocopies of no less than a billion others? I’m willing to bet my spot in line for Hell’s searing inferno that your numbers will rival the body count of Christianity itself. But it seems for every posse of throw-away clones totally void of substance or originality, there is at least one collective ready and willing to cut them down like the scythe of the wrathful reaper, himself. The Massachusetts outfit known as All Pigs Must Die are clearly here to thin the herd.

Formed in 2009, the quartet features Converge drummer, Ben Koller and The Hope Conspiracy vocalist, Kevin Baker, as well as Adam Wentworth and Matt Woods, both of Bloodhorse. The results of this glaringly lethal union are a marriage of diverse influences that owe just as much to the likes of Poison Idea or Discharge as they do to Slayer or Celtic Frost. As the full-length follow-up to their self-titled 2010 EP, God Is War (Southern Lord) brings punishing riffs, deathly quick tempos and ominous lyrical imagery to the front lines. Blackened hatred crashes gloriously head-on with D-beat sensibilities in every second of this record. Sprinkle that with occasional moments of melody (without any real significant slow-down) and droning feedback worthy of countless sludge staples, and it’s obvious that these guys have created quite the cocktail…with no concern for the casualties.

Of the eight numbers on God Is War, not a single one can even slightly be seen as filler in my eyes. This shit is as hard as nails, as the old saying goes. Pristinely produced by the band and Koller’s Converge partner-in-crime, Kurt Ballou at Godcity Studio, God Is War plays out like the soundtrack to some asshole’s much-deserved death scene. From raging and ruthless to dirgy and threatening, it’s got it all. From the opening attack of “Death Dealer” to “Sacrosanct” and Koller’s percussive assault at the start of the no-prisoners blast of “Third World Genocide”, the contributions of each member can be heard, as the influences of their other projects is audible in a violently thrashing collaboration of the kind of death-infused metal shitstorms we all love so dearly and the knuckle sandwich approach of true hardcore.

Plain and simple, All Pigs Must Die will knock your damn socks clean off just as quick as your banging head comes ripping from your shoulders. While maybe not the total reinvention of the wheel, God Is War is this band’s close-fisted declaration that a battle is most definitely at hand, and they have no intention of ever touching a white flag. May the death of the pigs in question be swift!